New O.B Coctelería de Orobianco by Paradiso, the best bar in the world

  • Giacomo Giannotti’s liquid recipes arrive at the rooftop of Calpe, with one of the most impressive views in the region.
  • Paradiso holds the top spot in The World’s 50 Best Bars and completes Orobianco’s gastronomic renewal phase.
  • The integration between Paolo Casagrande’s high Italian cuisine and prestigious mixology from Barcelona will continue to grow.

In the image, bartender Giacomo Giannotti, manager Inna Skriabina, and chef Paolo Casagrande.

The acclaimed cocktail bar Paradiso and the gastronomic restaurant Orobianco blend and shake their worlds to create O•B Coctelería de Orobianco by Paradiso. This means that the best bar in the world, according to the prestigious ranking The World’s 50 Best Bars, arrives in Calpe (Alicante) to let us enjoy the exclusive creations of bartender Giacomo Giannotti. And all this on the rooftop of the Orobianco restaurant, boasting an impressive view of the Mediterranean coast. Marine, tropical, and wild essences combined in a single glass.


The sunset at Orobianco is the winding of a secondary road surrounded by villas, the aroma of pine trees, the song of cicadas, and the breeze caressing the salty skin. Imagine enjoying that moment when the sunset light bathes the Mediterranean, from an exclusive terrace with the Peñón de Ifach in the background. From O•B Coctelería de Orobianco by Paradiso, which opens its doors from the last week of June, it will be possible to stop time every summer afternoon. Because from Monday to Sunday, during afterwork hours from 6:30 PM to 1:30 AM, signature cocktails will be served, and the best atmosphere of the Costa Blanca will be enjoyed, always serene and beautiful.

This is how the Calpe Negroni, an exclusive cocktail from Orobianco, looks in front of the Peñon de Ifach.


With the arrival of Paradiso’s cocktail bar, Orobianco completes its gastronomic renewal phase, imbued with Italian character. After all, the love for the Mediterranean connects cultures and culinary traditions. In March, it was already announced that chef Paolo Casagrande, head of the three-Michelin-starred restaurant Lasarte in Barcelona, would oversee the gastronomic aspect of the establishment. While maintaining the focus on high Italian cuisine, the same cuisine that led Orobianco to occupy the 35th position in the Ranking of the Best Italian Restaurants Outside Italy, according to 50 Top Italy. “In Italy, I left my roots; in the Basque Country, I built my culinary DNA, and in Barcelona, I found my home (…) All to understand that the Mediterranean is, in reality, my pantry”, the chef stated, marking the beginning of a new era for the venue.


But if we also add O•B Coctelería de Orobianco by Paradiso, we are faced with one of the most exclusive experiences in the Mediterranean. Because the integration between Paolo Casagrande’s high Italian cuisine and the prestigious mixology from Barcelona will continue to grow. The cocktails can be enjoyed as a unique after-dinner experience or without the need to dine at the restaurant. Giacomo Giannotti, founder of Paradiso Barcelona, number 1 on The World’s 50 Best Bars list, arrives in Calpe with a proposal full of iconic references, but also includes new and exclusive recipes.

It also knows that it plays in a different space than Paradiso in Barcelona: now it’s time to embrace the intensity of the sea. “But in the end, what matters is the customer’s experience, who wants to enjoy a quality cocktail with storytelling and a complete proposition around it,” concludes Giacomo Giannotti. The head bartender responsible for the day-to-day of the cocktails will be Raúl Rodríguez, who will be accompanied by the service team of O•B La Coctelería de Orobianco by Paradiso.



Kriptonita: Undoubtedly the most iconic combination from Paradiso. This gin-based cocktail is infused with riboflavin, Shiso leaves, lemongrass, and Sichuan pepper. With electric liqueur, grapefruit cordial, chocolate bitters, and essential lime kaffir oil, it has rightfully become the most Instagrammed cocktail.


Mundo Paralelo: Brought from Barcelona, this cocktail is based on Scotch whisky, red grape cordial, and shiso.


Great Gatsby: How would the appropriate drink for any moment in the busy life of a gentleman be? Certainly robust. That’s why the Gatsby is made with whisky, Ramazzotti amaro, truffle honey, and agave, adding lavender bitters, chocolate tobacco, and vanilla. Intense and strong.


Calpe Negroni: This is one of the exclusive proposals on the new menu. It includes galangal gin, eucalyptus-infused Campari, yuzu liqueur, umeshu, and agave syrup, representing the essence of Calpe according to the bartender’s vision.


Mundo Paralelo: Citrusy and aromatic, toasted and gentle. Welcome to a world inhabited by Scotch whisky, red grape cordial, and shiso. The cherry on top is the date paste and pollen, making it sweeter and even smoother.



Even affairs have a starting point, so let’s talk about the opening. On Monday, June 26th, a private group of gastronomy lovers will gather on the rooftop of Orobianco, where O•B La Coctelería de Orobianco by Paradiso will now be located. The goal is to enjoy and firsthand experience all the proposals created by Giacomo Giannotti and his team while feeling part of the space. Communicators and personalities will also be immersed in a fun and mysterious group dynamic, where they will have to figure out ‘The Lost Cocktail.’ Suddenly, someone has left an important recipe in the wrong place.

One of the most important premises of this new project, which features a menu infused with umami, citrus, and smoky aromas, is to transport guests to magical and evocative places that can only be found on the Mediterranean coast. The cocktail menu includes citrus fruits, toasted flavors, aromatic plants, pollen, and spices… with suggestive names like Caribe Italiano, Mediterranean Treasure, Kriptonita, and Great Gatsby. If we add a sprinkle of good ambiance, two-thirds of sunset views, a dash of Calpe’s finest audience, and top it off with the world’s number one cocktail experience, we get the ideal combination: O•B La Coctelería de Orobianco by Paradiso.

A place that promises us a summer unlike any other!

Orobianco Ristorante di Calpe

Address: Starting Hill of the Sun, 49A, 03710 Calpe (Alicante)
Phone: 96 680 66 61


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