The ‘JODY BELL’ Story – Editors Pick

It is always a privilege to be given the chance to write about a person you admire. Especially when it is someone who not only deserves the fame that is undoubtedly heading her way, but how humbled by it she is. Jody Bell was born for the spotlight, and as her fashion label hits the catwalks, Jody herself remains steady and ready with two feet firmly on the ground.

An invitation to the catwalk

From sketching designs in her scrap book, to the latest Steven Spielberg movie premiere at this year’s 69th Cannes Film festival, Jody Bell has enjoyed a meteoric rise in just 9 months.

Her stunning designs that the celebrity world has instantly taken to their hearts, combined with ground breaking social media marketing, has brought this small, bespoke handmade brand to the attention of a major UK prime time documentary and an invitation to show next year’s collection on the catwalk of the world famous New York Fashion week in September 2016. Despite all this success, Jody herself remains firmly grounded, insisting that it’s merely the foundations of the brand, and that the best is yet to come.

“It’s a tremendous start but I’m not losing site of our goals, and we take every day at a time. Sometimes at the end of the week, I look back and think of all the great work we’ve done and amazing things we’ve achieved in such a short amount of time. It’s truly incredible and I’m very humble and thankful to the customers who’ve seen my vision”.

Traveling ‘Designer style’                                                                 

Jody’s range is inspired by her extensive traveling throughout the world and the need to have garments that not only travel well, but can be dressed up and dressed down with ease. This is being reflected in the TV world with presenters from the hit TV show “A Place in the Sun” for example, choosing to take Jody Bell outfits with them on their TV shoots in many different locations.

“To see my clothes in any location worn by amazing and talented confident women is a remarkable feeling. I don’t think I will ever get tired of seeing my designs being worn so well by so many beautiful women”.

Ethically Fashionable

As the collection grows, to complement the outfits, Jody Bell has introduced luxury leather bags handmade in Gata De Gorges to a unique specification, and handmade luxury hats from a local factory in Pedreguer, which have been designed to complete the look.

Boho Collection SDIt’s this local sourcing of materials and skills that has brought further unexpected praise from industry analysts who have sited Jody Bell as being one of the pioneers of sustainable and ethically responsible manufacturing.

“It was very unexpected to have such praise from other people who care about where the garments are made and by whom. For me, it was about doing the right thing and supporting the local community who has been producing wonderful products for decades. Knowing that a small piece of ‘unknown Spain’ will be on the catwalk of the New York Fashion show is one of the things I’m most proud of” ~ Jody Bell

Daring to Dream Big

No dream is ever too big when this amount of passion and determination is the driving force behind it. Jody Bell has successfully brought her own dream to life with one difference; we get to benefit from it too. I personally cannot wait to see what’s coming next for Jody, and I will be following her incredible story as it unfolds over the coming months.  With the brand growing on a daily basis and set to the take the world by storm in 2017 – Jody Bell is most definitely, “one to watch.”

“I would personally like to wish Jody all the luck in the world. But… I somehow don’t believe she will need it.”

Feature Photo: Jody Bell wearing Jody Bell couture whilst attending an Eva Longoria ‘Global Gift Gala’ Charity event in Ibiza 2016.

Model Photo:  Courtesy of Jody Bell Spring/Summer ‘Boho collection’ photo shoot

Special Thanks to: Jody, Team JB and Ems Hope

Visit Jody at

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