The Importance of a Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

The success of a good kitchen distribution is determined by the demands and habits of people who will use this space, consumption patterns, the number of people living at home, the distance from the nearest supermarkets, and the time we have to shop and so on.

Therefore today we speak to Hogarguti about the benefits of having a good distribution in our kitchen so that organizing our pantry to its full potential will help free up space and keep your counter clutter-free.







Taking all of this into consideration, a kitchen specialist will always look to help you and Hogar Guti are experts and will examine the food-related modules and create a unique furniture distribution, organizing the essential pieces so that each product has its own space within the pantry cabinet.

It is vital to achieving a proper distribution and maximum use of space, while also considering comfort while gaining access to the inside of each closet and, of course, the beauty of each kitchen design.






The pantry cabinet can be a base unit, a wall unit, or a tall unit, depending on the actual space available in each kitchen and the plan design. So it will help to pick the style of the base unit, which includes doors, drawers, drawers, and pull-outs also to look to find hinged or folding doors in wall units, and depending on their height, tall units can have a variety of door opening systems: hinged, extractable, and sliding. We should always choose the one that best suits our aesthetic and practical demands.

If you have a pantry cupboard in your kitchen, you can find all kinds of accessories and fittings for the inside of it, providing you with a variety of conveniences in accessing it, such as baskets or pull-out trays that bring the storage into view while also allowing us to classify each product in the proper place, with internal divisions and accessories designed exclusively for certain products, such as bottles, bread, spices…





It’s important to think about the items you will store in the pantry, separating perishable long-term goods from perishable short-term meals so they can last as long as feasible. There are accessories with cloth bags or ceramic containers with wooden tops for perishable items like bread since it is simple to store them in a dry and protected environment. Look to consider the rotation for long-lasting items such as all types of cans, packages, and jars to prevent forgetting about certain products at the bottom that are about to expire. Flour, sugar, and vegetables should be kept in the foreground and stored in sealed jars for long-term storage.



Of course, the refrigerator is another important pantry cabinet in every kitchen.

You can now preserve food up to three times longer with all of its nutritional characteristics, flavor, color, and appearance thanks to vitaFresh technology. Temperature and humidity are taken into account by this technology. This ‘pantry cabinet’  shown here from Hogarguti preserves food at 0° and controls the humidity level for each food automatically, making it another must-have’ in your kitchen.



The power of a pantry cabinet in the kitchen is amplified by the proper organization and a thorough examination of what we wish to put within. A pantry setup is more important than many realize, as it is the key to wellness, health and nutrition for the entire family.

So if after reading this article you have decided to organize your kitchen, contact Hogarguti to get the most out of your kitchen.



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