Asian Dining at Thai Gallery

Found at the luxurious Puente Romano Resort in Marbella, restaurants Tai Pan, Sukhothai, and Thai Gallery are renowned for offering some of the finest Asian dining in Marbella. 



Located on Marbella’s “Golden Mile”, Thai Gallery is an exquisite fine-dining Thai restaurant at the Puente Romano hotel. Today, we’ve had the pleasure of speaking to one of the most opulent restaurants on the Costa del Sol to learn about their background and exciting future plans. 

Head to Avenida Principe Alfonso Hohenlohe to discover an ethereal oasis in Marbella, where you can relish the finest Asian cuisine on offer, brought to you by owners Lincoln Lo and Ping Mak. 

Over the last 40 years, they’ve achieved the amazing feat of opening three extremely successful fine-dining Asian restaurants: Tai Pan, Sukhothai, and Thai Gallery. 



The Restaurants’ Origins 

Originally from Hong Kong, owner Lincoln left for London to learn the trade of the restaurant business for 15 years. After honing his skills and experience and harnessing his knowledge of the culinary arts, he decided to set up in Marbella. 

Lincoln realised that despite the glitz and glamour and all the refineries that this exclusive area had to offer, it was indeed missing an Asian restaurant of high calibre. 

As a result, Lincoln began to build the foundations of his first restaurant in 1981, after having spent a year of selecting the right location, team, and equipment. The Tai Pan restaurant opened in 1982, offering a Chinese menu. 

This first venture went on to be a huge success, and this new hot spot for Asian cuisine quickly became the talk of the town in the area. 

Tai Pan 


Following Tai Pan’s raving success, Lincoln then pursued a second endeavour and went on to open Sukhothai, which showcased the best Thai cuisine on offer. 

Established as a key player in the Marbella Asian food scene, Sukhothai owes its success to its rich and varied menu and decadent ambience. Decorated with modern interior, subtle lighting, and delicate oriental details, the team of dedicated and skilled staff will make sure you have a dining experience that’ll keep you coming back again and again. 

Considered a jewel in the dining scene of Marbella, Sukhothai is the second success story due to Lincoln’s management of the staff and their dedication to high-end hospitality. 




You would think that after two successful business ventures, that Lincoln and Pak would have enough on their plate. However, they then went on to open Thai Gallery, found in the luxurious and prominent resort of Puente Romano, offering authentic Thai cuisine. 

Customers are welcomed to an impressive decor, designed by the prestiged French interior designer Jean Pierre. The end result, is that Thai Gallery is able to boast one of the most beautifully designed restaurants on the Marbella dining scene. We guarantee that you’ll be blown away by  the stunning views from the outside as well as inside as you enter the Nobu Hotel area. 


The Plaza, Puente Romano


Thai Gallery Restaurant

We had heard about the quality of this decadent restaurant in Marbella, so we had to get the scoop for ourselves. We tried the soups, all exquisite, especially the Tom Yam Koon Soup, spicy and with a hint of lime flavour.

Thai Gallery is renowned for offering some of the best Asian dining in Marbella. The elegant restaurant has a luxurious design with an interior in warm tones of terracotta and oranges, plus a touch of cherry, with stunning artwork and elegant lighting adding to the opulent ambience. 

The menu consists of traditional stir-fry dishes, seafood, Thai curries and exotic salads all with a tantalising blend of oriental spices. This restaurant offers Thai food in such a way that savouring its delicious dishes translates into an impressive dining experience, presented in a wonderful setting.

We highly recommend visiting this restaurant also for its incredible views of King Abdul Aziz Al Saud Mosque, which is a magnificent opportunity for its customers. The key to Thai Gallery Restaurant is its Thai cuisine. This place proposes you try some unique crabs. Also, their decadent, well-crafted parfait and its delicate ice cream.

The wine list is very extensive: the needs of all visitors are catered for. Many diners report that the staff is creative. This place is known for its efficient service. A number of reviewers mention that the prices are normal for what you get. At this restaurant, guests enjoy a festive atmosphere and interesting décor. 



The restaurant is open every day, with lunch from 13:00 to 16:30, and dinner from 19:00 to 22:30.

Future Plans

In the new year, Lincoln and Ping plan to make the recently opened Tai Pan continue to thrive, found at the entrance of the Puente Romano resort, and to enhance it by complementing it along with the other two businesses. 

Enthusiasts of Asian cuisine will be spoiled for choice, as they can either head to either Tai Pan or Thai Gallery, as they’re situated within two minutes walking distance of each other. 

Despite setbacks of the Covid pandemic that hit in March of 2020, Lincoln, Ping, and the staff of 35 dedicated workers have been able to power throughout of the love and passion for what they do, and surely will continue to do so for many years to come. 



Hotel Puente Romano

Avenida Principe Alfonso Hohenlohe, s/n

29600 Marbella

Teléfono: +34 952 818 392


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