The First Vision Art Fair in Marbella: A Promising Start with Room for Growth

The first Vision Art Fair in Marbella, hosted from May 24-26, 2024, at the Palacio de Congresos, Ferias y Exposiciones de Marbella, marked an ambitious step toward revitalizing the local art scene. Originating from Portugal, the Vision Art Fair brought together exhibitors and visitors from across Europe, showcasing a wide array of contemporary artworks.

Despite facing some challenges, including lower-than-expected attendance, the fair successfully laid the groundwork for future events. The organizers deserve commendation for their effort and vision in attempting to elevate Marbella as a significant player in the European art market. The event featured a diverse range of art pieces from both emerging and established artists, offering attendees a glimpse into the vibrant world of contemporary art.

Local companies like The Fusion Art Gallery, Marbella Motorsport, and Villa El Martinete also attended, adding a unique flair to the setting. Their presence helped enhance the overall atmosphere and provided additional attractions for visitors.

The fair featured a diverse group of artists, including Johan Grundin from Sweden, Elodie Schijvens from England, Vicky-May Giraud from France, Karin Sonesson from Sweden, Victoriia Roshkovynch from Ukraine, Mette Jakobine from Denmark, Selma Karlsdottir from Iceland, Bettina Riis Sørensen from Denmark, Luana Zottarelli from Italy, Julia Jüchter from Germany, Ruaridh RUDOG Crighton from Scotland, and Jorge Pinto from Puerto Rico.

The fair’s unique setting in the heart of Marbella provided a picturesque backdrop, enhancing the overall experience for visitors. The organizers’ dedication to creating a platform for artistic exchange and cultural enrichment is evident, and their initiative is a welcome addition to Marbella’s evolving art landscape. Next year, Palacio de Congresos will also undergo a significant renovation, which will improve the quality of future fairs.

“We eagerly anticipate the next Vision Art Fair in Marbella and hope to see even more participation from artists and art enthusiasts. Events like these are crucial for transforming Marbella into a thriving art hub, and the Vision Art Fair has certainly taken the first bold step in that direction,” says Johan Grundin, Co-Owner of The Fusion Art Gallery.

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