The Epic Comeback of JaveaCompany

JaveaCompany is above all a woman’s company; all the executive charge is led by woman and this is maybe what gives this establishments their twist with a special interest in decoration and atmosphere in the restaurants and plates, creating the ultimate culinary experience and hospitality in the Costa Blanca region of Spain.


The company is most known for its innovative and memorable dining experiences in the area. Most of you will know Chabada, La Bambula, La Siesta and a long etcetera. Yes, the directors of JaveaCompany Antoinette Sassen and Edgar Slama are back and stronger than ever. This is their story.

As you may foresee, JaveaCompany is more than a restaurant empire in Costa Blanca. It’s a true success story in the restaurant and hospitality industry. With a particular passion for food and a special dedication to quality, Antoinette, Edgar and their team have built a thriving business that has become a staple in the Javea community. But, how did it all start?

JaveaCompany: The Beginnings

The story of Javea Company began in 1985, when Edgar opened Champagne bar in the heart of Javea’s beach. Over the years, the bar grew and evolved, now known as Chabada. A unique going out hot spot for the community and the seasonal visitors looking for a great night.

As the business continued to expand, this bold team opened several other successful restaurants and bars, including, Bohemians, Acqua, La Siesta, La Bambula and Achill. All are unique but share a distinctive ambience and a special dedication to quality and top service.

La bambula

Since the beginning, they were committed to support the local community being locally sourced with a strong emphasis on sustainable ingredients. Moreover, the team works closely with local farmers and producers to ensure that their dishes are made with only the freshest and most flavorful ingredients available.

In addition to this commitment to quality and sustainability, Antoinette and Edgar also want you to experience memorable dining. Each restaurant and bar was built around a unique atmosphere and menu, but all share the same dedication to customer satisfaction and that special attention to detail.

The bumps on JaveaCompany’s road to success

However, the road to success was not always smooth for JaveaCompany. The business faced several challenges and court cases over the years, linked to allegedly complaints, supported by the town hall, that tested the team’s resolve and determination. But they stayed strong and refused to let the setbacks hold them back, and continued to push forward with his vision of creating a true culinary experience in Costa Blanca.

Fortunately for the team of over 200 people and their thousands of customers, Javea Company is winning the legal battle. The court has sided with them and has granted the precautionary measures the company demanded, and after some time of closing the establishments are back on track, with the greatly expected reopening of Acqua happening a few days ago. Indeed, five different judges came to the conclusion that the closures were unnecessary.


The legal struggle is also a political one. JaveaCompany is demanding that the “false accusations cease and that the town hall verifies the truth of the alleged complaints instead of systematically fining without prior verification”. And the company also believes that the closures had caused the loss of employment, and had impacted negatively on tourism, the image of Javea and the whole region of Costa Blanca.

The future Antoinette & Edgar are creating

Despite these challenges, JaveaCompany continued to grow and evolve, becoming one of the largest employers in the Costa Blanca region and a dominant force in the Arenal beach area.

The company’s menus and cocktail experiences are a main attraction throughout the region, and their music nights became a popular draw for both locals and tourists alike.


The determination and resilience of this team are the key to this epic comeback after the legal struggle. In 2019, JaveaCompany expanded its reach even further with the opening of Mala Vita and Julieta in Denia. The restaurants have quickly become popular destinations thanks to a unique blend of Mediterranean and international flavors in a chic and stylish setting.

Today, JaveaCompany continues to create and grow; always looking for strategies to delight the customers and push the boundaries of the restaurant and hospitality industry in Costa Blanca. In fact, they have truly set a high standard for excellence in the region and beyond for those wanting a culinary experience.

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