The charm of Marbella goes by the name of Divot Gastro! A top spot for grilled meat and fine dining

A top spot for grilled meats. When it comes to delighting your palate with exquisite grilled meat cuts in an unparalleled setting Divot Gastro stands as the preferred destination in Marbella .This restaurant has successfully crafted a truly charming formula that seamlessly combines top-quality gastronomy, a picturesque natural environment, and undeniably exceptional service.

Ideal options for grilled meat enthusiasts

Located in the heart of Márbella, Divot Gastro has become the go-to place for grilled meat aficionados. Their menu offers a selection of the highest quality meat cuts, expertly prepared over the coals to achieve that unmatched flavor and juiciness that only a well-mastered grill can provide. Cocktail enthusiasts can also enjoy delicious creations like the classic Bloody Mary to complement their dining experience.


A natural setting for dining in nature in a golf course

But Divot Gastro is not just a paradise for meat lovers; it’s also a sensory delight in terms of its surroundings. The restaurant, located in a golf course, is surrounded by a natural landscape that combines majestic mountains, a serene lagoon, and lush greenery. The view from the dining area is simply spectacular and adds a special touch to the culinary experience.

However, what truly sets Divot Gastro apart is its impeccable service. The restaurant’s staff strives to provide top-notch attention to each diner, ensuring that every visit is a memorable and satisfying experience.


It’s not all about grilled meat: discover their full menu

At Divot Gastro, the culinary experience extends beyond top-quality grilled meats. Their extensive menu also includes a selection of fresh fish dishes that capture the essence of marine flavors. Additionally, for those looking to top off their meal, the irresistible desserts on the menu are an option not to be missed. Furthermore, to make your visit even more convenient, Divot Gastro offers ample and comfortable parking, providing diners with the peace of mind of having a secure place to park.

In summary, if you’re looking for a place to enjoy exceptionally high-quality grilled meats in a unique natural setting with excellent service, Divot Gastro is the perfect choice.


Book a table and discover why this restaurant has become a cornerstone of the culinary scene in Márbella.. Your palate and your senses will thank you!



Contact details

Address: Banús Executive Golf, Cam. del Ángel, s/n, 29660 Marbella, Málaga

Phone: +34 951 56 61 72





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