The best zoos and aquariums in Spain:

Everyone wants to enjoy animals that are safe and well-looked after. Here are Spain’s most ethical and high-quality zoos you’ll be glad you visited…


Valencia Bioparc


This is one of Spain’s most popular animal parks; with high-awareness of animal safety and protection, as well as a large variety of animals; from as large ones like as elephants, hippopotamuses, buffalos and gorillas to tiny, insects, fish and frogs. They have plenty of entertainment, so this is a day out suitable for any age group.


Loro Parque


This is based in Puerto de la Cruz, north Tenerife. It is well known for its popular marine shows, with wales, dolphins and sea lions, but it also has rides, parrot shows, an aquarium with sharks and penguins as well as an orchid garden with rare plants. Tickets start from £21 for children and £31 for adults.




This is a great animal park, especially aimed for children located in Benidorm. It offers unique experiences, such as; swimming with dolphins, sea lions as well as seeing some of kids’ favourite animals, like; monkeys, tortoises, parrots and much more. They also offer shows to provide interesting and essential knowledge about different animals and species. Tickets for a day trip start around 21 euros each. The park also has a hotel where you can stay and explore the park deeper.


Bioparc Fuengirola


With tickets for two starting under 27 euros, this is a fantastic way to learn more about various animal, in a well-conditioned and highly-ethical zoo. With plenty of animals and species including; reptiles, popular mammals like; monkeys, leopards and tigers, as well as different variety of birds and marine life.


Palmitos Park


One of Spain’s most loved zoo: Palmitos in Gran Canaria. This is a full-on day out, with birds of prey and dolphin shows, wallabies, cockatoos, tortoise, owls, emus, meerkats, orangutans, and much more. There’s also a large aquarium, butterfly house and a cactus garden. Prices start from 28 euros each for adults, or 20 euros for kids, or you can do the “family pack” for four, for 90 euros.




Some of you might know this building by its appearance… it’s one of Valencia’s most popular architectural sights in the city, but Félix Candela. Inside is a marine habitat, with favourites such as; dolphins, sharks, seals, as well as not so common sea life, including sea dragons, jellyfish and crabs. Tickets start from under 30 euros for adults and 22 euros for children.


Palma Aquarium


The Balearic Islands’ favourite aquarium, based in Palma de Mallorca. Here you can experience diving with stingrays or sharks, snorkelling and discovering a world of different fish, as well as witnessing the turtles feeding time. There’s a play area too as well as several restaurants around the park. Prices start from just 24.50 euros for adults and 14 euros for children.

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