The best selection of fish and rice dishes in Spain can be found at La Perla de Jávea

There are places that are known for being genuine and exclusive, such as La Perla de Jávea, a Mediterranean gem where one can sit down to enjoy an unparalleled gastronomic experience.

Sonia and Sergio, the second generation of hoteliers from this restaurant that has been delighting travelers and locals with their seafood and rice dishes for some time, tells Spain Life Exclusive that one of the most popular dishes among customers is rice, especially rice with cuttlefish, monkfish, and artichokes.

Rice with lobsters

But they also tend to choose the arroz a banda, the grilled red prawn from Jávea, and the tomato raf salad with capellanes. Everything is absolutely delicious, the freshest that can be found in the region, lightly seasoned and leaving the flavors almost naked so that diners can taste the true product freshly caught from the sea.

Grilled red prawn from Jávea

Razor clams with ratatouille and bacon


The fish dishes are also a hit when it comes to ordering and eating. The word has spread that at La Perla de Jávea, they cook on the grill like no one else. Simply entering the front door, you can hear the crackling of the fire where they cook the variety of fish brought from different parts of Spain.

Rice with lobster

Sea urchins

Sonia says that her father used to prepare the capellanes tomato salad for his lunches, as well as the rice dishes that were unbeatable.

Capellanes tomato salad, family tradition

On the other hand, her mother’s recipe for the tarte tatin is still being used today. It’s clear that all the magic inherited from the family is still alive to enchant every person who comes to La Perla de Jávea for the first time, and of course, to keep enchanting those who keep coming back because they can’t find a better place.

Grilled fish from the fish market


Black rice

“We’ve been making tarte tatin since 1984,” says Sonia with a smile. As an old saying goes, “Why change what people already love?”

Tarte Tatin


The fish and red prawn are bought at the Jávea Fish Market, the tellinas in the south of Spain, the sea bream in the north, the sea urchins, shells, clams, and cockles in Galicia. The products such as rice and clóxinas come from the Valencian Community, and the table oil from the area. As for the selection of vegetables, they are brought from a farm located in Pedreguer.

French oysters

You can’t deny that these photos are extremely tempting! We encourage you to reserve a table facing the beautiful Mediterranean Sea at La Perla de Jávea, where not only will you eat and dine like the gods, but you will also feel well taken care of in a restaurant where the passion for good food can be felt in the air.



Avenida de la Libertad,

21  Local 2 Playa del Arenal,

03730 Jávea – Alicante

Phone  +34 96 647 07 72


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