The Best Places For Dolphin and Whale Watching in Spain

Spotting dolphins and whales in the Mediterranean isn’t always easy. You really have to be in the right place at the right time! There are a few coastal hotspots that would increase your chances of seeing these gorgeous animals though, so if seeing them is your dream then pick your location carefully – and take your lucky charms!


The Gibralter Strait

Right on the very southern tip of Spain is a real hotspot for killer whales during the tuna season in early spring and through summer. Whales can be seen quite close to Tarifa, and often follow boats in search of tuna to feast on. Other species such as bottlenose dolphins can also be seen here.

This was filmed on the Strait of Gibralter:

South-East Coast (Cabo de Palos-Cabo de Gata) (edge of Alboran sea)

common-dolphins-914548_640Between Cabo de Palos and Cabo de Gata, on the edge of the Alboran Sea, is a great place for dolphin and whale watching. The depth of the water and plentiful food supply attract many species including striped and bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales, fin whales and sperm whales during spring and summer.

Bay of Biscay

You may have to head out to sea a little, but if you take an excursion from the north-west coast of Spain you have a good chance of making a sighting.

You can also take ferries and cruises from the UK to Spain that pass through whale hotspots in the Bay of Biscay. Although the crossing has a reputation for being a little rough, it’s also true that you could spot some of these amazing animals while on your journey, making the crossing worth it!


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