THE AGENCY: Experts Share Insight on Buying Real Estate in Costa Blanca North

 The Agency Costa Blanca North’s Managing Partners, Alistair Barton and Leonie ter Brugge share insight into the local real estate market—from new developments to lifestyle perks, Golden Visas and more. Discover what is attracting international buyers to Costa Blanca North right now and why people say “There’s no life like the Spanish life.”

Who is buying property in Spain right now?

From our point of view, we continue to be a hub for northern Europeans, in particular Dutch buyers who have been the main buyers on our coast for the last two years. 

Wealthy British buyers have started to come back since BREXIT also. We are starting to see a sharp rise in the number of clients from the USA and the rest of the world, either looking for a second home or a permanent move due to Spain’s attractive Golden Visa program. 

What is attracting them to Costa Blanca North?

We have a unique microclimate here on the Costa Blanca—mild winters, not so hot and humid summers and we have such an abundance of unspoiled coastline. 

The Costa Blanca lifestyle is relaxed and the focus is all about outdoor living. 

We are easy to get to and sit between Alicante in the South and the hugely popular city of Valencia to the North. 

We are also just over two hours to Ibiza on the ferry. The other major factor is the array and quality of the international schools in the area. Education is always high on the list for families and our area has great choices and caters to a huge array of nationalities and cultures. 

Plus, we have no fewer than 13 Michelin-starred restaurants in our area along with shopping and outdoor activities.


What is the visa process like for foreigners interested in buying property in Spain?

Spain’s Golden Visa program has been running successfully now for a number of years and offers international residents the chance to settle here for a relatively low entry point. 

When buyers choose to work with a visa specialist the process is straightforward and can be completed in a matter of weeks. 

We feel it’s important that buyers seek professional advice when it comes to making a property purchase, as price points are linked to visa applications. But, with the right guidance, the process is streamlined and accessible. It’s something we do here in this region now more and more for International buyers.  


Are there any notable new developments coming into Costa Blanca North? 

Here at The Agency Costa Blanca North, we have just secured a pre-launch of a very special pre-launch of an urban resort that will be coming into the town of Calpe. 

This is a really cool lifestyle apartment product being constructed by one of the largest and most established constructors on the coast. It encompasses three outdoor pools, lush gardens, great amenities and an indoor spa on the 10th floor. It’s a perfect Golden Visa product as the price points start and the required minimum investment. We feel this will be a big seller this year for sure. 


What are some other perks a person from another country could enjoy if they owned property in Spain?  

There is a saying that’s widely used, ¨There’s no life like the Spanish life.¨ And it’s so true! There are so many aspects of Spain that set it apart, and that’s why we call it home. 

It’s a safe country that welcomes expats from all over the world. It has great diversity in not just its regions but also in its history. We think anyone who chooses to make Spain home will feel that they are part of this unique country and enjoy the warm and welcoming lifestyle that it offers. 


What do you hear from your clients as to why they want to either relocate or purchase property in Spain? 

Clients are seeking all of the elements mentioned previously—it’s a family-oriented country that’s easy to navigate and integrate into. 


Do you have any stats or data about the market over the past year that are notable? 

According to Idealista, 36.5% more Americans purchased a property in Spain in 2023. 


What are your predictions for real estate in Costa Blanca? What can we expect to see this year and into the future? 

We think like the rest of the popular areas of Spain, inventory will continue to be in short supply and this will keep prices stable for the foreseeable future. 

Rising interest rates have not stopped the appetite of wealthy buyers looking to relocate or purchase second homes. Spain is seen as a stable marketplace with solid infrastructure and this trend is expected to continue. 


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