Tamara Sneep of Madhouse Gallery, Altea says: I need crazy in my art!

Madhouse Gallery. Altea has only been open for a few short months, but already, resident artist Tamara Sneep and her fellow exhibitors are getting themselves noticed. Recently, Spain Life Exclusive introduced our readers to Tamara, and showcased some of the pieces in the gallery. We talked to her again, to find out what informs her art, and learn more about some of the other artists who work with her.


Current theme:


At the moment, Tamara is creating more animals than anything else, working with resin, and adding lots of layers. She admits that sometimes she does go over the top, but that’s her way or working.


My art has to be out of the box – I need crazy and eye-catching to make me happy. Right now, I am focusing on bears, gorillas and dogs. They are often life size – my giraffe is 5 metres tall – but I give them their own life and identity. My bears I customise in the style of Gucci, Prada, Chanel and Versace, and I’ve been working with Swarovsky crystals for about a decade now.


Madhouse Gallery Altea



Tamara’s current favourite animals, however, were not created by her, but by fellow countryman Ghost – Art, a mysterious man from the Netherlands, born in 1985, whose work portrays symbols of prosperity, and what he sees as modern day heroes. She loves his Louis Vuitton-inspired black, blue and gold resin dogs, whom she calls, ‘My Guard Dogs.’ Her own latest creation – a vibrant red gorilla – is another firm favourite.


Quality is Queen!


When Tamara creates art, she is just as concerned with the quality of the product as the art she is creating. The animal moulds are all treated with a special weather-resistant veneer, similar to the coating used on vehicles, so that the colours stay true, even if the piece is going to be situated outdoors. Then she’ll build up lots of layers, until she feels she’s achieved the effect she wants. She told us:


Madhouse Gallery Altea


I want my customers to enjoy our pieces exactly as they leave the gallery, forever, so I do everything I can to make sure it’s right. If someone wants a giraffe in the middle of their lawn, I will make sure it’s properly set in the ground, so it doesn’t get blown over or knocked over. That could cause damage to the piece or to people or to property, and take away all the pleasure of owning my art.


Diversity in design


Perhaps the best thing about Madhouse Gallery though is the sheer diversity of the art on display. There is a truly eclectic mix of themes, creation mediums and methods of execution, so there really is something for everyone. Angela Gomes, who is also from the Netherlands, likes to work with gold and bright colours, which means she shares similarities with both Tamara and Ghost-Art.


However, just as their animals are completely different, Angela’s work is different to theirs, as is evident in this painting, The Night Watch. It has a touch of the classical about it, but her unique use of light lifts it into a realm of its own. On Madhouse Gallery website, Angela describes her art like this:


Madhouse Gallery Altea



My goal is to share my words without using words, in the tiniest details of my art.


If you love art, and you love life, a visit to Madhouse Gallery, Altea will feed your soul. And  a meeting with Tamara will nourish your inner child and raise your energy levels higher than ever before. I experienced some of the Tamara Effect in a phone call, and I can’t wait to enjoy the full benefit of the sheer joy for life that is evident the moment you enter Madhouse Gallery, in the exhibits and in its unconventional owner.


Contact details:


Madhouse Gallery Altea



Carrer Mare Nostrum 2,

03590 Altea





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