Sunny side up with Direkt Optic, Moraira: Fashion trends in sunglasses

Direkt Optik Moraira has a great offer, where you can have a free eye test, and choose three pairs of prescription glasses for the normal price of one pair. One of the options is to have one of your pairs made into prescription sunglasses. This is great news for those who like to follow fashion, but feel they are constrained in their choices because they can’t buy off the peg sunglasses.


With the wide choice of optical frames on offer, there’s sure to be a trendy style that suits your face, your personality and your lifestyle. But what is in fashion as far as sunglasses are concerned this year? Let’s take a look at what the stylish sun worshiper is wearing right

Small frames:


Again, small frames are popular, but there’s a move away from rimless, lightweight frames to something with more substance, like an acetate frame. Shapes can vary from round, through oval to rectangular.


Cat’s eyes:


Direkt optik


This classic style is again prominent, but there are several different variations on it, such as a futuristic, pointy style, and frames are thicker, and lenses a little larger. Think Audrey Hepburn and other Hollywood legends of the 1960s and you get the picture.




This is a perennial style, that keeps coming back in different incarnations. The latest trend is oversized, with a twist, so you don’t look like your parents in your aviators! Some variations are gold frames, single brow bars, coloured lenses, or acetate frames. And if your frame has a pattern, that’s good too.


White frames:


White acetate frames are big this season or small! Basically, anything with a bright white frame is bang up to date. Not everyone suits white though, so don’t be a slave to fashion. There are plenty more trends to take on.




Direkt Optik


Once again, geometric shapes like circles, squares, oblongs, hexagons and octagons are proving popular. Again, the emphasis tends to be more on the frames, so go large or small to be on trend. Channel your inner flower child with round retro lenses set in a patterned frame.

High brow bar:



The traditional high brow bar of aviator sunglasses has become a fashion statement this season, and it doesn’t have to be metal either. All sorts of styles are now coming with a single or double brow bar. It’s an eye-catching look, so only go for it if you’re prepared to be looked at a lot.


Sustainable shades:


Sunglasses are notoriously eco-unfriendly, since they are mainly made from plastics, and therefpre are not biodegradable. However, there’s now a real movement towards sustainably produced shades which can be at least partially recycled.


Although acetate is a form of plastic, and therefore non-recyclable, many manufacturers are creating plant-based acetate, and also producing frames from all sorts of waste products, such as fishing equipment and other plastics, which are converted into pellets before being made into frames.


Direkt Optik Moraira


Even potato peelings and human hair can be utilised to produce stylish frames, and there’s a movement towards wooden and bamboo frames too. As manufacturers come up with more variations on classic styles for lenses and frames, and demand for more eco-friendly manufacturing increases, we can expect to see further innovations in eyewear, and particularly sunglasses, which are often more a fashion statement than a necessity.


If all this has made you want to bring your sunglasses into the New Twenties, contact Direckt Optik to discuss your options. Their team of English-speaking professionals are waiting to bring style to your sunglasses.


Direkt Optik Moraira also stocks a huge range of designer sunglasses by Ray Ban, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Maui Jim and Oakley, for those who don’t need prescription sunglasses.


Contact details:


Direkt Optik Moraira



Carretera Moraira- Calpe 122, Moraira – 03724 (Alicante)

Telephone:  965 745 989



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