The sun shines throughout Spain… for now

If you look out the window you will see open skies, a radiant sun and few clouds. The temperature is pleasant and invites us to do outdoor activities. It is an ideal weather to enjoy the meadow in the festivities of San Isidro. Or maybe not? After a few weeks with rains and colder temperatures the weather seemed to have stabilized, but on Thursday there will be a new storm that will bring a drop in temperatures, cold air, rain and even snow in some mountain areas.


The week has started with an almost summer weather throughout the Iberian Peninsula. We are already leaving the warm clothes in the back of our closet, but we may have to take them out again over the weekend. At the beginning of the week temperatures are going to be very mild, although they will be slightly lower in the northern part of the country. During Tuesday we will see some high clouds, but there will be no rain. By Wednesday the skies will be cloudier, although everything seems to indicate that the people of Madrid will be able to enjoy a spectacular day to celebrate the festival of San Isidro on the prairie.


What weather will it do this week?


Temperatures will be colder during the weekend

On Thursday a low pressure area will arrive in the west of the country and the weather will be more unstable, and that will bring rain and even snow in some mountain areas. In addition, the warm winds that have accompanied us these days will give way to a colder air, which will cause temperatures to drop, so it is possible that during the weekend the weather is not so pleasant. Be careful, it’s not summer yet. We already said what the Spanish proverb tells us: “Hasta el 40 de mayo no te quites el sayo” (Until May 40 do not take off your coat). That is, you should not hurry to put away your winter clothes. In addition, those allergic to pollen should take precautions, since the southern half of the peninsula has high levels of pollinosis during this week.

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