Summer is here and at Reisbeck Medical you can treat yourself to look incredible with foam sclerotherapy

Treating varicose veins and veins is essential to improve the quality of the skin. And for that there is a treatment that gives very good results and it is the treatment of foam sclerotherapy that you can do at Reisbeck Medical.

Preventing, diagnosing and undergoing treatments is something necessary to maintain good health. As for varicose veins, a topic for which many patients come to Reisbeck Medical to consult, it is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also affects health. That’s why it’s important to treat it. In Spain it is estimated that approximately 30% of the population has varicose veins.

But what are varicose veins?

They are dilated veins that occur due to weakness of the venous wall, when our valves, especially when standing, are unable to reduce the pressure inside the veins. From there, that feeling that the vein wanted to come out. But the good news is that for this there is foam sclerotherapy.



Varicose veins can be inherited or can also appear in sedentary people. This indicates the importance of doing regular physical activity (especially walking or swimming which are not high impact exercises), eating well and drinking a lot of water. There are also other factors, such as pregnancy, chronic constipation, childbirth, taking oral contraceptives and hypothyroidism. As you can see, there are many factors, but treatable.


Beyond wanting to be impeccable for the summer and show off your legs without any kind of complex or discomfort, from Reisbeck Medical they recommend treating varicose veins because they can often cause venous ulcers, which in addition to causing pain, often become infected.

Another reason to treat varicose veins with foam sclerotherapy is that if you leave them they can cause venicorrhagia which occurs when the varix bleeds.

From Reisbeck Medical they recommend performing a diagnosis called doppler ultrasound that you can do there in the clinic and serves to know how is the state of your veins and how the venous valves are functioning in each area of ​​your legs. It is painless and very effective.

With a clearer picture of the situation, it can be proceeded to perform a foam sclerotherapy treatment.



This foam sclerotherapy treatment serves to avoid surgery, is quite fast and is done progressively in several sessions. Reisbeck Medical proceeds as follows: a substance is injected into the affected veins that become a fibrous cord that then disappears.

With the arrival of heat and higher temperatures, those with varicose veins feel much more affected and with heaviness in the legs. The same happens with those in advanced ages. In this sense, sclerotherapy is a successful treatment with concrete results that allows to put an end to all that discomfort; as long as the patient takes care of himself and follows the instructions of the professionals of the Reisbeck Medical clinic.

At times like this it is important to acquire better daily habits. Drinking lots of water, hydrating the skin and applying creams can help improve the appearance of the skin.

Another point in favor of this treatment is that it is done in a short time and does not involve hospitalization or medical leave. Once treated, the person can continue with his normal life using compression stockings that will allow the effectiveness of the treatment.

Many patients consult at Reisbeck Medical about the reappearance of varicose veins. In the case of large caliber varicose veins, their reappearance is much less frequent. On the other hand, the so-called spider veins usually require a review with foam sclerotherapy every few years.

Do not hesitate to go to Reisbeck Medical, where you will receive the best service, personalized attention and you will look spectacular to show off wonderful legs!



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