Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen, from Arrital Valencia

Various aesthetic and practical solutions have been brought together in a single collection: Ak_project, a complete kitchen system designed by architect Franco Driusso and available in Arrital Valencia.

The Ak_project is defined by a series of outstanding features and by a wide selection of finishes and modular systems that ensures the kitchen designs are tailor-made to suit user needs. All the components of the project are modular and ergonomic and the storage elements stand out for both functionality and looks. Designed to helping you thoroughly organise everything in kitchen, from cutlery, dinnerware, glasses and equipment to sorting the waste, the storage elements of this project include many smart options and here are a few of them.

The Day-Box

In the Arrital kitchens, the modular Day-Box elements expand the storage capacity and become decorative objects as well. Different solutions – available with shelves, cup holders or equipped with glass containers, make the kitchen space even more functional so that you can organize your kitchen in the most comfortable and elegant way.

The modular Day-Box elements extend the containing capacity of the living space and are also a decorative element and include shelves, wine glass racks or glass containers.

The practical Day Box wall-mounted storage elements one on top of the other are composed of a structure with Aluminium or Burnished finish, with back panel personalised in the same finish as the rest of your kitchen.

The Gem Vetrinas

The Vetrinas are a special solution for the kitchen, adding elegance to the composition and enhancing its visual appeal through the combination of an extruded burnished aluminium frame with glass in a smoked finish. The visible back panels can be personalised in any number of Arrital finishes, contrasted with glass shelves and emphasised by dedicated vertical stripes of built-in elegant lighting.

The Internal Equipment

The under-sink base of the Ak_project kitchen is organised with practical and removable containers which allow the sorting of kitchen waste. Diverse contours and colours ensure perfect compatibility with the other components of the kitchen.

Internal drawers and deep drawers are organised in systems specifically designed to house cutlery, pots and all other equipment normally used in the kitchen every day. The operating principle behind these systems is based on an exclusive design, making use of different materials such as steel, painted metal and wood.

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