Spain’s weather forecast for March 20-25

According to Spain’s State Meteorology Agency, a relative stabilisation of the atmospheric situation over Canarias is expected, although a storm is predicted to form near the Peninsula accompanied by various Atlantic fronts, which will generate a more unstable climate in the Peninsula and in the Baleares.

This means some rains could be expected this Monday, 20 March, over the northern end of the Peninsula, Central and Ibérico Systems, Andalucia and Canarias.

Beginning on Tuesday, and through the second half of this week, rains are highly probable in the greater part of the Peninsula and the Baleares. And precipitations are more likely to the extreme north, the Atlantic slope.

On Friday, rains are also expected in the northern peninsular area of the Meditarranean.

Rains could turn into snow in the mountainous regions and, less likely, in the lower regions as well.

Weaker probable rains are expected in Canarias by around Thursday, especially in the northern islands.

Temperatures will decrease in the Peninsula and Baleares tomorrow Tuesday but by the week’s end, they will begin to rise again.

Some winds can be expected in the Canarias and the eastern region of Spain, including Galicia and the Alboran Sea.

Spain This Week (Madrid)

20 March
Partly cloudy
21 March
Patchy rain possible
22 March
Patchy rain possible
23 March
Patchy rain possible
24 March
Heavy rain
25 March
Moderate or heavy sleet

Spain Weather Forecast Graph

Spain chance for rain graph


Check Spain’s weather by city: Spain weather forecast for the next 14 days

Or go directly to Spain’s Meteorology State Agency:

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