Spain Weather In Review: Advice For The Week Ahead

Europe has had an unprecedented heatwave so far, and Spain has borne the brunt of it, but this week sees the return to temperatures that although are still hot, are much more in line with average. That said, another band of extremely hot weather is on its way this week which is predicted to cause the Mediterranean Sea to warm up like a hot tub.

In some areas of Spain and on the coast, you might notice more jellyfish come to the surface with the arrival of the warmer sea temperatures, and towards the end of this week Spain could reach temperatures of up to 41C.


Parts of Spain may see some very warm air this week, with the North-east of the country seeing temperatures go as high as around 39C, and perhaps even hit 41C in one or two spots.


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Stay Well Hydrated and Stay Indoors at Peak Heat Times


With the advent of this warmer weather, it is especially important to keep hydrated and to take adequate precautions to avoid heatstroke. Sun cream with a high factor rating is a must and drinking at least two litres of water a day is highly recommended.


With little rain and higher temperatures wearing light clothing is also highly recommended, as is doing outdoor sports only in the early hours of the day or just before nightfall. As for your home, you equipping it with professional awnings and weather resistant outdoor furniture is a must.


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