Spain opens its first “Nap Bar”

Cities are usually chaotic, especially in the capitals, that’s why Madrid has decided to open its first Nap Bar.


Following in the footsteps of London, Brussels and Tokyo that already have functioning “nap bars,” Madrid has opened Siesta & Go.


Siesta & Go offers both private and shared rooms for napping, and you can either pre-book, or just walk in and see if any of the 19 beds are available.


As well as offering beds for napping, Siesta & Go provide a work space for rent, if you want some quiet time to study or catch up on work. You can also simply just relax in one of their armchairs which is priceless, if you want a moment to read or disconnect.


You can also ask for coffee, newspapers, slippers and nightshirts, which are available at the premises. All the clothing and bedding are professionally washed per used.


You are able to pay by the minute or hour, with each hour (private room rate) being 12-14 euros.


Napping is known to bring various health benefits, especially to those with long, stressful days. Napping even 20 minutes a day, although won’t adequate to lack of sleep the night before, can improve your mood, alertness and performance.


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