Sotogrande International School’s Excellent Boarding Programme

At the start of every academic year, many parents wonder what the benefits are of boarding schools for children. Fortunately, Sotogrande International School is here to talk us through its excellent boarding programme along with its many benefits: 

The benefits of boarding schools for children are some of the questions that many families ask themselves when choosing a school for their children. One of their biggest concerns is their children’s education. Choosing a school for children is an arduous task, and parents have to make sure that they receive the best possible education in the best possible environment.

The main difference between a conventional school and a boarding school is that the latter allows the child to live with his peers. However, each boarding school has its own rules and ways of functioning. There are some boarding schools where the children remain in school for the whole school year. In others, they only do so during the week. In this way, students can go home on weekends to share with their families.

Sotogrande International School is a top choice for families that relocate to the area for its excellent facilities, elite sports programmes, as well as its accommodating and fulfilling boarding programme

SIS offers a trusted hybrid learning system, which is adapted to today’s digital environment, and has a rigorous academic offering and enriching curriculum to best prepare your child for the opportunities that await them upon graduation. 


Sotogrande International School: An Inspired School

Much more than a school, SIS Boarding strives to create a warm and vibrant learning community that creates a thriving learning environment for international students all with unique backgrounds, learning styles, and individual gifts. 

Set in a beautiful setting, the school is located among the luscious green golf courses of Southern Spain. The boarding facilities are conveniently located only 30 minutes from Gibraltar, and 1 hour from both Malaga and Jerez airports. 

Both a day and night boarding school, the boarders will have access to incredible onsite facilities, namely: kitchen, social spaces, basketball courts, football pitches, athletics track, volleyball, badminton, sports centre, library and music rooms.

This demonstrates the school’s utmost level of experience and intercultural understanding when it comes to international education. SIS follows the International Baccalaureate (IB) English curriculum, creating a nourishing learning environment for children from 8 months to 18 years. The programme is challenging, creative, and academically meticulous. As a result of achieving excellent results, SIS comes out with an average score of 35 points at Diploma.

An Apple Distinguised School, SIS also understands the importance of the ever-evolving digital world. The school embraces the creative use of technology in the classroom and encourages the creative use of technology in the classroom so that students develop the skills to think critically and independently. 

What Are the Benefits? 

SIS international boarding school in Cádiz with students from Malaga, Marbella, Estepona, the rest of Andalusia and abroad boasts a vibrant international community, giving your child an excellent opportunity to get to know children from all types of cultural backgrounds, including over 30 different nationalities, aged 11-18. 

An unquestionable advantage of boarding schools has to do with the quality of their educational programs, which transcend the purely academic field to reach others such as the psychological state of the children or the orientation towards a future job performance.

As SIS is an international school, it focuses on language learning as well as immersing students with children from other cultures, giving them a greater worldview. In general, the results are quite satisfactory thanks to more immersive methods and additional actions such as living together with students from other geographical origins. For example, there are 1000 students at SIS from over 55 countries. 

This need to share is also evident in the day-to-day life of the students, generating a family atmosphere that is ideal for learning to respect and be tolerant of others. It is no coincidence that such an experience usually leaves them with friends for life, the result of the countless common experiences accumulated throughout the different courses.

Returning to the academic level, the reduced ratio of assistants per classroom that is normally found in residential schools allows teachers to give more individualized attention. This more exhaustive attention has a positive impact on other areas such as motivation and the involvement of children who, the more aware they are of their improvements, the more they want to continue making progress.

By attending a boarding school, your children will have to assume certain responsibilities from an early age, which will make them grow to be more indepent, constant, and disciplined individuals.

SIS also provides the option of Flexi-Boarding which is more adapted to working families. This option allows students to stay at the residence just a few nights per week or a week or two each month.


Newly Renovated Boarding House 

SIS has made a significant investment into Templeton House has been designed with students at the centre of the decision-making process and as such the clean, modern furnishings will allow them to be as comfortable as possible.

This coming September, the new boarding residence will house 116 students, predominantly in twin accommodation, with four-bed dorm rooms for junior boarders. The rooms are spread across three floors, and boarders have access to incredible onsite facilities, namely: kitchen, social spaces, basketball courts, football pitches, athletics track, volleyball, badminton, sports centre, library, and music rooms. The boarding students will also benefit from the boarding-exclusive evening opening hours of the Chiringuito Cafe and indoor swimming pool.

In addition to six resident members of staff on site, there will also be security guards in the boarding house at night. 

Boarding Activities 

The boarding staff provides the students with stimulating and varying activities to keep them thoroughly entertained during the week as well as the weekend. Boarders receive a comprehensive activity package full of activities. For example, there’s always a Boarding activity provided which the students can opt to participate in every evening from 20:30-21:30.

Weekend activities include helicopter flying, speedboat riding, PADI Scuba certification and dives. kitesurfing, live sporting events such as watching Real Madrid play football, Unicaja play basketball and professional motorcycling, cinema trips, cultural events such as local Ferias and visits to surrounding cities, tenpin bowling, FootGolf, bubble football and much more.

Av. de la Reserva, s/n, 11310 Sotogrande, Cádiz, Spain

+34 956 79 59 02


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