Sileno Gastrobar: The best gastrobar in Javea Port is now open and serving quality food and wine

Recently, a new gastrobar opened its doors for the first time in Javea Port, and already its co-owner, Aidar, is seeing familiar faces return, and new clients arriving thanks to recommendations from their friends. That’s a great endorsement for a new venture in an area where there are many excellent places to dine, so Spain Life Exclusive caught up with Aidar to find out why Sileno is so successful already, and where the name came from.


What is a gastrobar, exactly?


First of all, let’s define what a gastrobar is. This article explains it well. Essentially, a gastrobar is a place that combines innovative tapas and more elaborate meals with the idea of a traditional bar, at an accessible price for its patrons, but with more emphasis on ambience, comfort and quality.


Why Sileno?


Sileno Gastrobar



Sileno can be used as a name for boys, although it is not in common use. It derives from the Ancient Greek god, Silenus, who was the tutor of Dionysus, the god of wine and the grape harvest. He was also a man of great wisdom, who, legend has it, travelled the world with Dionysus, planting vines and raising bees as pollinators.


What’s an ancient, rather minor god who was always drunk got to do with a modern gastrobar in Spain? Let Aidar explain:


Silenus represents good wine, good food, good company and good women, since everyone liked him and wanted to please. His journey through life was based around quality in everything, and the best of experiences, and that is what we are aiming for here at Sileno.


Sileno Gastrobar


Aidar and his team have taken the concept of the gastrobar and the legend of Silenus, combined it with his unique business philosophy, and created a quality venue, where every last detail has been perfected for your enjoyment and comfort. Everything at Sileno, from the cutlery, glassware and table settings, to the seating, furniture and decoration, speaks of good living and luxury.


Don’t let that deter you from visiting, though, because this is luxury anyone can afford. Because Sileno is an experience to be shared that everyone should enjoy, the quality and choice available to you comes at a surprisingly moderate price. As Aidar emphasizes:


Sileno provides choices that are not available anywhere else in Javea, but just because you can enjoy a wine or liqueur here that you can’t get elsewhere, it doesn’t mean you will pay a lot to enjoy it. Our prices are surprisingly reasonable, given the quality of everything we serve. We want to bring people in, not keep them away with high prices.


Sileno Gastrobar



As far as the cuisine is concerned, it’s mainly Mediterranean, with accents of other regions of Spain, so there’s sure to be something to tempt your palate. All the ingredients are locally sourced, and, as with everything else in Sileno, only the highest quality foods find their way into the kitchen, and onto your plate.


Speaking of the kitchen, Sileno operates an ‘Open Kitchen’ policy. All diners can see for themselves how clean the kitchen is, and how good the chefs are at what they do. It’s a great sensory experience, watching your meal take place, and observing the attention to detail that is a watchword there. I asked Aidar what their speciality was, and he had this to say:


Quality is our speciality – quality in everything we do. We have no signature dishes as such, but everything is prepared with passion and attention to detail.




When it comes to the accompaniments to your meal, Sileno will surprise you there as well. The wine choice is amazing, with familiar local wines, wines from across Spain, and wines from all over the world – some of which you won’t find anywhere else in the area to buy, let alone in a restaurant.


There’s a nice selection of aperitifs and after dinner drinks too, with premium spirits, and once more, there are choices you won’t find elsewhere. Nevertheless, the choice isn’t bewildering. Aidar says:


We don’t stock lots of different whiskies or brandies, just a small number of really good ones for the discerning person who likes to finish off a great meal with a perfect digestif.


Reading all this, you may be keen to visit Sileno, but worry about safety, given the restrictions imposed due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation. As with everything else, Sileno is on top of the game with this, too. The staff are all trained in safe hygiene protocols, and social distancing is strictly observed. And with typical attention to detail, Aidar was keen to point out the importance of cleaning all the door handles and toilets, and cleaning them often.


Sileno Gastrobar



We try clean the door handles and toilets as often as possible, as this is important in preventing the spread of infection.


Because of Sileno’s increasing popularity, and because they are operating at reduced capacity due to social distancing, booking is recommended, to avoid disappointment. Someone is always available to take your reservation, on their website, on Facebook or on the phone.


You don’t have to eat in order to experience the stunning décor and perfect ambience of Sileno – you are welcome to go along and enjoy a drink, and the perfect vista, any time of the day or evening. However, why deprive yourself of the full sensory experience that dining at Sileno can provide? Spain Life Exclusive wishes Sileno every success in the future, and we’ll certainly be heading there very soon. We may even see you there!


Contact details:


Sileno Gastrobar



Av. Lepanto, No. 6 in Port of Javea

Javea 03730

Telephone: 865 68 58 75




Opening Hours:


Closed Tuesdays and Wednesday lunchtimes

Every other day, open 13.30 – Midnight

Kitchen service: 13.30 – 15.30/ 19.30 – 22.30


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