Seafood Dishes at Frenezy Restaurant

For the creative team of Frenezy restaurant in Alicante it is important that each dish had its special and unique balance of ingredients. They work with the freshest local seafood and with surprising ingredients selected from around the world and their menu included delightful dishes, full of flavours and stories.


The scallops at Frenezy are crusted in crispy special breadcrumb known as panko, together with parsley and rosemary, and served with a coulis of red fruits and cooked beet. Panko has a light, airy, and delicate texture that helps it crisp as it cooks and to compliment nicely the scallops, the green sprouts and the coulis of this dish.

The cooked oysters come at Frenezy restaurant accompanied by the Japanese flavours of tempura and Mirin sauce and with finely chopped chives.

One of the must-have delicacies at Frenezy is the octopus – painted with chili pepper butter, smoked and grilled. It is served with a sweet potato velvet and points of parsley mayonnaise.

And if you’re in the mood for a truly extravagant dish you can always ask for Extravaganza: lobster, red prawns, tender grilled octopus, bay scallops, crayfish, mussels and sauces!

Frenezy restaurant is the place to “travel through different cuisines of the international scene without leaving the centre of Alicante” as they say, and to try local ingredients ingenuously prepared with worldwide inspiration. The team works hard, in the kitchen and in the restaurant as well, to ensure that each client has the best experience and enjoys and impeccable service and the menu as well as their great selection of wines and their gorgeous homemade desserts. And this is why you will find plenty of reviews on Frenezy saying that the restaurant is an amazing find in Alicante, a charming place with great menu and great service. You can book your table by calling + 34 619 74 98 44 and find out more on their menu on their web page

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