Schaich Immobilien: A Success Story in Real Estate on Spain’s Costa Blanca

Schaich Immobilien has been a trusted real estate agency and property developer since 1973, starting in Germany and later expanding to Spain. With a strong presence on the Costa Blanca, particularly around Denia, Schaich Immobilien has been offering unparalleled services to clients since 1980. With a commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction, Schaich Immobilien has become a reputable name in the industry, providing a wide range of services to both buyers and sellers. This article explores the success story of Schaich Immobilien and their dedication to serving their clients in the Spanish real estate market.

Established Expertise:

As a family business, Schaich Immobilien has been actively engaged in the real estate industry since 1973, operating in Germany before venturing into the Spanish market. The second generation, led by Andreas Schaich, now manages the company, bringing years of experience and expertise to their operations. With an office in Spain since 2004 and a dedicated international staff fluent in five languages, Schaich Immobilien has built a strong foundation for assisting clients from various backgrounds.

Schaich Immobilien takes pride in providing comprehensive services to their clients, ensuring a smooth and successful real estate experience. Their offerings include expert advice on current sales opportunities, property valuation and assessment, target group identification, preparation of sales documents and exposés in multiple languages, and extensive property advertising through various channels. Schaich Immobilien also facilitates viewing appointments, conducts purchase negotiations, reviews documents, and assists with legal formalities, ensuring a hassle-free process for their clients.

Beyond Real Estate Sales:

Schaich Immobilien goes the extra mile by offering additional services to cater to the diverse needs of their clients. They have a specialised department for luxury properties, catering to high-end clientele through Furthermore, Schaich Immobilien provides rental services for luxury holiday properties through Stella Inmo Consulting Denia, headed by Tanja Schaich. This comprehensive approach demonstrates their commitment to full customer care before, during, and after the purchase.

Customer-Centric Approach:

The motto of Schaich Immobilien is “There’s no such thing as can’t.” They firmly believe in finding solutions that satisfy both buyers and sellers, regardless of challenges that may arise. With over 1,500 properties sold and a track record of successful transactions, Schaich Immobilien has established a reputation for excellent customer service and personalised attention. Their dedication to meeting client needs has earned them the trust and loyalty of their customers over the years.

Schaich Immobilien stands as a testament to the success that can be achieved through dedication, expertise, and a customer-centric approach. Since 1980, they have been a leading real estate agency on Spain’s Costa Blanca, offering a wide range of services to clients seeking properties in the region. With their unwavering commitment to professionalism, comprehensive services, and a motto centred on finding solutions, Schaich Immobilien continues to make a significant impact in the Spanish real estate market.

Contact Schaich Immobilien today to find your dream property: 

Denia – Els Poblets
Partida Barranquets, C/ 29, 2B, BG
+34 966 469 452

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