Savor Culinary Delights at Mesa Moraira: A Vibrant Culinary Haven

Mesa Moraira is an invitation to relish an eclectic menu bursting with fresh, quality ingredients that tempt the palate. This eatery radiates infectious joy, adding an extra layer of delight to the vivacious spirit of Moraira, a charming jewel adorning the stunning Costa Blanca.

A Gastronomic Voyage of Varied Tastes Mesa Moraira promises a diverse culinary journey with an array of dishes catering to diverse tastes:

Appetizers and Bites

Commence your culinary escapade with starters like Smoked Salmon, Ban Pao Pulled Pork, or the Mesa Tapa Platter for two, a flavorful ensemble to share and savor. Experience the joy of bites that capture the essence of Moraira’s vibrant spirit.

Starters with a Coastal Twist

Embark on your gastronomic adventure with tantalizing options such as Carpaccio Wagyu, Beef Tartar, Crispy Duck Salad, or Sashimi Tuna, each presenting a symphony of flavors inspired by the coastal charm of Moraira.

Lunch Delights

For a satisfying midday meal, relish the Beef Tartar with Fries, the tempting Mesa Hamburger, or the comforting Thai Vegan Curry. Mesa Moraira transforms lunch into a celebration of flavors amid the Costa Blanca backdrop.

Children’s Menu for Family Joy

Ensuring a delightful experience for younger guests, the children’s menu boasts favorites like Chicken Nuggets with Fries, Mini Hamburger with Fries, and Pasta Bolognese. Mesa Moraira invites families to share the joy of culinary moments together.

A Wholesome Sojourn in Moraira

Beyond its culinary offerings, Moraira presents a picturesque haven along the Costa Blanca, with stunning coastal vistas and an aura of tranquility. Including a stop at Mesa Moraira in your leisurely coastal stroll elevates the journey with culinary flair, making it the best place to experience joy in Moraira.

What distinguishes Mesa Moraira is not just its delectable menu but also the warm and inviting hospitality. Here, it’s about creating an experience where patrons are greeted with warmth and genuine hospitality, ensuring that every visit becomes a treasure trove of delightful memories.

At Mesa Moraira, flavors are carefully curated, celebrating the essence of Moraira’s vibrant spirit. It’s a place where relishing each dish becomes an ode to joy, a celebration of delightful culinary moments in a charming locale along the Costa Blanca.

Contact details

Paseo Senillar 23, 03724 Moraira, Alicante

+34 623 425 041


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