Revolutionising Education: why is BGA’s Innovative Learning Model so Successful?

In a world where traditional education seems obsolete and fails to engage and prepare individuals to a fulfilling and successful adult life, BGA (Brave Generation Academy) has been a pioneer in revolutionising the way we approach learning. Bearing the lessons of remote work and schooling during the worldwide COVID-19 lockdowns, Tim Viera has founded with BGA an innovative, hybrid, teaching and learning model that combines digital platforms with physical spaces, better known as BGA Hubs, to create a personalised and educational experience that serves the Learner and parents alike. Let us take a look at the 5 key principles of BGA’s innovative approach.

  1. Personalised Education:

BGA recognises that each Learner is unique and has his or her own passions, goals, and learning preferences. With BGA’s model, Learners have the freedom to personalise their educational journey. They can set their own schedule and holiday times, giving them full flexibility for their personal activities such as sports training, hobbies or volunteering work as well as accountability for their educational progress. 

  1. Hybrid Learning Environment:

BGA harnesses the power of technology while recognising the importance of human connection. By combining digital platforms with physical spaces, BGA creates a hybrid learning environment. The physical hubs serve as co-learning spaces where Learners spend at least 5 hours per day engaging in their academic work under the guidance of Learning Coaches. These Hubs foster a sense of community, collaboration, and support among Learners and provide opportunities for mentoring and personal development.

  1. Learning Coaches and Course Managers:

The BGA teaching model revolves around two essential roles: Learning Coaches and Course Managers. Learning Coaches act as mentors, working closely with Learners to understand their goals, create personalised schedules, and support them in various areas of their lives. Course managers, specialised subject matter experts, facilitate the academic side of learning by providing content, grading assignments, giving feedback, conducting live sessions, and answering Learner questions. This dynamic duo provides a well-rounded and supportive learning experience, where the Learner’s pro-activity is engaged. 

  1. Choice of Curricula:

BGA offers Learners the flexibility to choose between two curricula: the British curriculum (Cambridge, Pearson, and Edexcel) and the American core curriculum. Learners can choose the path that suits their academic preferences and goals. Whether they choose the comprehensive UK curriculum or the more inclusive US core curriculum, BGA ensures that all their Learners receive a high-quality education that meets their needs and is recognised by the top colleges and universities worldwide.

  1. Soft Skills and Practical Learning:

BGA understands the importance of developing not only academic knowledge, but also soft skills and practical competencies. By emphasising internships, community service projects and professional experiences, BGA encourages their Learners to explore their interests, gain valuable skills while making a positive impact on their communities and get a clear idea of their future aspirations in life. 


BGA’s innovative learning model represents a paradigm shift in education. BGA emphasises personalisation, autonomy, and holistic development, empowering Learners to take charge of their education, discover their passions, and achieve academic as well as personal excellence. Through a blend of digital platforms and physical spaces, BGA provides a transformative educational experience that prepares Learners for the challenges and opportunities of the modern world. With BGA, education is no longer confined to traditional boundaries, but becomes a journey of self-discovery, growth and success.

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