Restyling a Single-family Residence Facing the Mediterranean

Last week we introduced iNstudio, interior design studio in Dénia specializing in tailor made projects with unique atmosphere. Today, architect and studio’s CEO Juan F. Periañez is inviting us to further discover their universe, by revealing one of their ongoing projects.


Except for the clients, we are the first to see how the project will turn out, and Juan is explaining below every step of the way that will lead them from a neutral white box to a unique environment especially designed for the needs and the lifestyle of this family:



“Based on the architecture of the home and trying to respect all the current distributions of the house, we were only subjected to several premises of the client such as creating a minimalist environment but with its own identity, almost without touching the distribution and having in account that this space will become their second residence, one to enjoy and relax.



The project starts with the rustic pavement which we overlapped with a wood effect vinyl flooring – that gives a great warmth to the whole home, and at the same time avoids the typical problems in the coastal areas with the wood and its more than continuous alterations and movements, without counting the annoying noises when walking on it. Continuing with the doors, all of them with classic tones: they have all been replaced by others – of minimal style, flush with the walls, without external frames or flashing, with floor to ceiling heights and with finishes in tune with the paint of the walls.




Space by Space

The intervention in the hall, or reception area, has been very neutral, except for a unique touch, since we wanted to provide an “extra” depth with a wallpaper, which simulates an entrance to our palace or a magnificent work of art where, at the same time the rest of light and crystalline elements like the console, the mirror, or the coat rack, give us all the practicality that we need in this magnificent reception.



The scenography of the rooms has been created with warm lights and a few touches of paint with very clear shades of white for the walls which, combined with greys and greens in the living room, contrast perfectly, and also help us to introduce the fresco outside of the house to the relaxing interior of the home.


All bedrooms were endowed with a personality of their own, since they are the most private and personal part of the house. You can appreciate the character in each of them.


The wallpapers, as well as the paintings, both abstract and organic, or the freshness of the acrylics in the dining room, provide a touch of distinction, which are the special points that, together with the beds, are the special requests of the client and have been carefully chosen.




The lamps form a special topic, since they provide that warmth and functionality of which we spoke previously. The cabinets have been made in neutral tones, and with the integrated TV, complete each of the rooms.



The last two strong points of the project are the bathrooms and the outdoor area.

The bathrooms are spaces where we had to intervene most due to the deficiencies of the previous distribution, in complete disagreement with the rest of the house. As you can see in the images, the bathrooms now bear an evident mark of the Nordic-minimalist style. They are equipped with all the necessary details, and we worked on creating the best layout possible, taking into account the needs of each of them and making the most of all the available spaces.



Finally, the terrace with panoramic view received a wide variety of elements that make up a unique and comfortable space. The outdoor table, together with the two relaxing environments, invite us to enjoy wonderful views of the sea. All of them integrated with simple, fresh tonalities, enveloped by the touch of warmth created by the spectacular luminaries that make up the project.



A project of which iNstudio iNteriorismo feels especially proud. Since we have managed to meet all the expectations of the client, as you know, everything we do is for and with you. Designed 4 you.”

Juan F. Periañez



iNstudio in Dénia offer a wide range of services, including interior design, project management and interior branding design. Also, they work with renowned international brands and have in their portfolio a wide collection of contract and home furniture, kitchen and bathroom furniture, pavements and finishing, lighting and complements, including names such as Driade or Porada, Luceplan or Occhio, Antonio Lupi or Rexa Design, to name just a few. For more details, contact iNstudio through their website

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