Residential Pool Refurbishments. By Construma

Construma are among the leading designers and installers of luxury swimming pools in the Costa Blanca. Their indoor and outdoor pools, spas and saunas are designed to the highest specifications and over the last 20 years have built a long-standing reputation for imaginative design and superb craftsmanship in both new projects and pool refurbishments.

And the refurbishments are our today’s topic and thus we start by asking the team of Construma – why renovate your pool? “By necessity, in the first place, they say. Because it loses water. It is very easy to find cracks in old pools or deteriorated pipes. And then, in the desire to renew, change or modernise. Fashion changes and it also changes in the world of the pools.”

When renovating your pool, you can make it bigger or smaller, change the shape and modify the depth according to your needs and aesthetic desires. “In general, the pool is rebuilt – with the best materials and guaranteeing its durability for more than 10 years” they add.

According to a report presented in 2017 by the Association of Manufacturers of Equipment, Chemical Products and Pool Builders (ASOFAP) and the Spanish Association of Industrial and Technical Swimming Pools and Facilities (ATEP), it is estimated that there are more than 1 million pools in Spain. Most of these pools are more than 20 years old, thus in great need of reform and upgrade.

With this high demand on the market right now, Construma already have in their portfolio a great number of refurbishment projects in the entire area of the Costa Blanca, as they perform all types of work of rehabilitation and renovation, as well as the adaptation of gardens or terraces.

Furthermore, they personalise each service and together with the client they adapt each project to ensure that every swimming pool construction is unique and uniquely appropriate for the people using it. Their swimming pools are built by craftsmen, and built to last. Their design and construction skills, underpinned by excellent customer care levels, have position Construma as bespoke swimming pool experts.

Each project of Construma is unique, according to the plot, the panoramic view, the landscape and the built environment. The uniqueness of each design resides in both the customers’ requests and the company’s ability to design any kind of pool, be it exterior or interior, of any kind of shape, rectangular or more organic, of various depths and having various ways to connect visually with the construction and the garden. It also includes salt systems, automatic covers, pool heaters automatic disinfection systems and all you need for customising your pool according to your needs.

For more information, visit their website or call them at +34 96 646 19 74.

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