Reasons why you should use conditioner before shampoo

Many of us don’t really put too much thought to it and a few more of us probably don’t even have enough hair to worry about it, at least that’s what we believe. However, scientists for a huge multinational tell us differently and not only that, they explain why reversing the order works better.

Okay, you now feel just a bit confused.

Washing your hair is part the routine beauty care we all get involved in under the shower, but do we give our hair the attention it deserves and most likely requires?

According to Unilever scientists, whom of course are trying to persuade us to use their products over all others, tell us that it’s better to use conditioner first and then shampoo our hair.

Let’s break it down a bit.


Shampoo cleanses hair by removing all the dirt and oil it has absorbed throughout the day or night. Conditioner smoothes and detangles your hair.

Yes, it’s a simple two-step process that’s been around forever. The only thing that may differ from one person to another is the amount we use and the products we buy, decisions which will depend on the individual conditions of our hair.

So, maybe you should give the reversing option a chance as if you condition it first and then shampoo it, you will be left with a soft, manageable and clean hair with more body than usual, which is a huge innovation for fine-haired women.

If you care to give Unilever a chance you can go out and buy TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner with costs about 5 euros tops and also get the TRESemme Shampoo which costs about the same.

The scientists concluded that if you do reverse your haircare process under the shower the conditioner will reinforce the natural protective layer of your hair leaving it very smooth. And shampooing afterwards will clean and rinse away the weight of the conditioner making your hair more beautiful, bouncier and not weighed down.

A Second Opinion

Dr Paul’s, a website that specialises in hair and skin solutions, agrees with this premise, except when it comes to blondes as it appears to cause more hair loss than usual.


Reversing is “not a new trend which doesn’t have any scientific basis, but, if you apply the conditioner before shampooing, then you will be able to enjoy a few of the benefits,” Dr Paul’s website says.

  • Works great for thin-haired girls: If you have pretty thin hair, applying conditioner before shampoo will help you to achieve a fuller look.
  • It is the primer for the shampoo: We all know that primer is essential for holding the makeup in its place. The same thing goes with the conditioner. It creates a smooth and even palette so that your shampoo remains where it should be. This sticking helps you to distribute the shampoo to every strand of the hair. You will get a clean scalp every time you wash it by conditioning your hair before shampooing while avoiding product build-up.
  • The method provides hydration to the hair: Using conditioner before shampoo is great for hydrating dry hair strands. You will get the required hydration without losing much of your hair. Most of the hair-care experts believe that you should practice it mainly during the summer season.
  • Condition from top to bottom to increase the effect of the shampoo: Mostly, we apply conditioner from the ears down. But, if you’re going to use the conditioner before shampooing, you should apply the conditioner to all the hairs of your head.
  • It will give a long-lasting blow-dry effect: To make your blow-dry last for long, condition your hair before applying shampoo. By doing it, you will get healthy hairs which means that the hair treatments are getting deep inside to nourish your hair and to increase its lifespan.
  • Reverse washing doesn’t give the best results with all products: A few of those who have tried reversing the process complained it didn’t work as great as expected and this is due to the products they used. So, if doesn’t quite work as well for you then try with different products.





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