Rattan Style Furniture: natural elegance in your home

One of the freshest and most beautiful styles to decorate the interiors and exteriors of a house is one that looks for natural lines and elements. The rattan furniture is a classic and timeless option, integrating organically into the spaces with elegance and delicacy. If you are looking for pieces to ‘dress’ your home with summer style, Dumas Exterior Design offers you an exquisite collection of rattan furniture with which you will define trends.


The Classic Rattan line of Dumas Exterior Design is characterised by its manufacture with natural fibres, creating high quality furniture and extremely durable for all weather conditions. These fibres are braided in a frame covered with stainless steel that provides greater resistance to the whole. The cushion covers are made of high quality 220 gram polyester and are easily removable. This furniture is specially designed for outdoor use thanks to its resistance, beauty and ease of cleaning. To clean the sets you just have to wipe them with a soapy sponge or wash the cushion covers in the washing machine. Keep your garden elegant, beautiful and clean with the exclusive and luxurious rattan furniture by Dumas Exterior Design. Now we present some of the fantastic pieces that you will find in their impressive showroom.


Classic dining set

This extraordinary set of rattan furniture will make the exterior of your home shine with its own light. It consists of a table of 150 or 180 centimetres and comfortable chairs matching with cushions in beige, taupe or white. In addition, you can choose the rattan in sophisticated grey and white tones. The cushion covers are easily removable so you can wash them. This set is an excellent option to enjoy an outdoor dinner in your own home under the stars.


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Classic dining set by Dumas Exterior Design


Classic cabana

Rest in your own home like a marquis with this amazing canopy rattan hut. Read a book or take a nap in this wonderful bed with roof and curtains on four sides. It also has a separated backrest with six different positions. You can choose the cushions in elegant beige, white and taupe colours, while the rattan is offered in shades of grey and classic white.


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Classic cabana by Dumas Exterior Design


Classic lounge set

This set of furniture is ideal for sunbathing, resting or drinking tea with style and elegance, but without forgetting maximum comfort. It is composed of a glass table top, two sofas with high-quality cushions, a three-seat sofa and a lovely stool. This set is offered in the same colours and requires low maintenance. In addition, its pieces are very durable, so you can enjoy it for a long time.


Outdoor furniture in Benisa
Classic lounge set by Dumas Exterior Design


Classic rattan sunbed

If you want to sunbathe comfortably in your garden this sunbed is ideal, since in addition to offering a comfortable rest is a beautiful complement to your garden, integrating with the surrounding vegetation. It has six adjustable positions, a high-quality mattress and is offered in the same colours as the previous furniture, as well as cushions in white, beige, red, blue and black.


Outdoor furniture in Alicante
Classic rattan sunbed by Dumas Exterior Design


Exclusive outdoor lounge & bed with canopy

This wonderful set will arrive at Dumas Exterior Design in August. This incredible outdoor lounge and bed with canopy is an outdoor bed with hood that can be separated into two sofas and a stool. It is simply wonderful! It is a nice, useful and versatile piece that you will need at home. It is available in white and light grey and includes five matching cushions. Visit Dumas Exterior Design to try this fabulous item!


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Exclusive outdoor lounge & bed with canopy by Dumas Exterior Design


Now you can have the garden of your dreams with these and other pieces of Dumas Exterior Design. Visit their huge store and showroom from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., your friendly staff will be happy to help you and will offer you the best advice on decorating your garden, terrace and porch. For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media.


Dumas Exterior Design

Isaac Peral Street, 3, in the La Pedrera industrial estate of Benisa (Alicante)

Telephones: +31 686 406 544 and +34 694 493 476



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