Quooker; The Tap That Does It All Now at Hogarguti

A Quooker system in the kitchen is synonymous with convenience: it provides boiling water at 100°C, chilled and sparkling directly from a single tap, all filtered, and now Hogarguti makes it available to us.


There’s nothing wrong with the good old electric kettle or a whistling kettle. However, when all of the benefits of the Quooker are considered, there is no competition. That is why a Quooker adds so much value to your property.

The Quooker system comprises of a tiny tank in the kitchen cabinet that is linked to the countertop boiling water tap. The tank functions as a thermos flask that is linked to the mains water supply. Heat cannot escape because the air in the insulated wall is so thin.

As a result, just 10 watts of electricity are required to keep the water in the tank at 108 °C. When the tap is switched on and the temperature of the water pouring out drops to 100 °C, the water begins to boil. Fresh water enters the tank as soon as it pours from the tap.



The CUBE provides sparkling and cooled water, reducing the need for disposable water bottles.


Discover its advantages



A Quooker is pure convenience. No more waiting for water to boil before preparing a cup of tea or al dente pasta, blanching vegetables, boiling fish, sterilizing infant bottles, and much more. Cleaning pans is a snap, and when you add the CUBE, you receive cold still and sparkling water from the same tap.



 It is difficult to accidentally start the boiling water supply with a Quooker. It needs pushing twice and activating a discrete ring mechanism distinct from the traditional hot and cold water handle. Furthermore, the water is injected with air, resulting in a non-solid stream that prevents unintentional scalding. Unlike traditional kettles, quookers have a double-insulated spout that keeps them cold to the touch. Last but not least, unlike a kettle or pot of hot water, it is impossible to accidently knock, knock over, or “spill” a Quooker.


Chilled and sparkling water 

The CUBE supplies chilled and sparkling water to the Quooker tap, which means you no longer have to buy mineral water in plastic bottles. You can connect a CO2 cylinder to the CUBE to get sparkling water from the Quooker tap as well.


Save space

 A Quooker saves a lot of valuable counter space. You can slice, knead, and chop in the space occupied by a kettle, and you can finally get away of that unsightly water dispenser! The boiling water tank is compact and space-saving, so you’ll still have useful room beneath the worktop or in the kitchen cabinet after installation.



A Quooker is the most efficient system for producing hot water for cooking, consuming less energy than traditional systems. Furthermore, unlike a kettle or microwave, you just use the amount of water you require.

The CUBE system produces cold water with or without gas, without wasting liters of water and without removing valuable salts from the body, as osmosis systems do.

In addition to enjoying high-quality water, CUBE reduces plastic waste and the carbon footprint of bottling and distributing water bottles.


Save time

 A Quooker saves you time since the water comes out instantaneously boiling. You may brew a cup of tea or begin cooking right immediately. You don’t need to buy bottled mineral water or arrange for home delivery because you always have good quality filtered drinking water (even cold still and effervescent).


Low consumption

If you need to boil water multiple times a day, the energy consumption of a Quooker will not be higher than that of a kettle. You will save energy by using a Quooker COMBI tank (which offers boiling water and hot water from the mains cold water supply). This is the world’s first “kettle” with high-intensity vacuum insulation, which uses half the energy of a standard kettle. The Quooker COMBI has an energy rating of A, making it the most energy-efficient hot water generator for the kitchen


Would you like to experience the convenience of a Quooker system, or get advice on which Quooker system is right for you? Visit Hogarguti in Denia as they’re the official distributor. Check here their catalog.



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