Presbyopia: What it is and How Direkt Optik Can Help

As we get older, our eyesight goes through various changes. Direkt Optik in Moraira is here to step in and make the adjustment swift and pleasant. 

Our eyes show age-related changes in performance as we age, especially as we reach our 60s and beyond.

Some of these changes, such as presbyopia, are perfectly normal and do not signify any kind of disease progression. Although cataracts may be considered an age-related condition, they are very common among older adults and can be easily corrected with cataract surgery.

However, some of us will experience more serious age-related eye diseases that have a greater potential to affect our quality of life as we age. These conditions include glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, which is all the more reason to get regular eye tests at qualified opticians Direkt Optik in Moraira. 

Direkt Optik offers a wide range of visual health services, such as providing prescription glasses, contact lenses, eye tests, and even have designer sunglasses in the store. 


Common Age-Related Changes in Vision

Presbyopia. After you pass the age of 40, you will notice that it is more difficult to focus on objects up close. This is because the lens inside your eye begins to lose its ability to change shape, a process called presbyopia.

For a while, you can compensate for this gradual decrease in focusing ability by keeping reading material away from your eyes. But eventually, you will need reading glasses, progressive lenses or multifocal contact lenses.

As you age through your 50s and beyond, presbyopia becomes more advanced. You may notice the need for more frequent changes in eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions. You may also find that a single prescription is no longer the best solution for all your vision needs.

As an example, you may need one pair of glasses for normal tasks and another that emphasises the intermediate ranges to work more comfortably on the computer.

Although cataracts are considered an age-related eye disease, they are so common among older adults that they can also be classified as a normal ageing change.

According to the Mayo Clinic, about half of Americans aged 65 have some degree of cataract formation in their eyes. As they enter their 70s, the percentage is even higher.

Fortunately, modern cataract surgery is extremely safe and so effective that 100% of the vision lost in cataract formation is usually restored. If you are noticing vision changes due to cataracts, don’t hesitate to discuss the symptoms with your optician.

It’s often best to remove cataracts before they become too advanced. In addition, there are now options to try multifocal lens implants or accommodating intraocular lenses that can potentially restore all ranges of vision, thus reducing your need for reading glasses.



This is a common vision condition that occurs as you age. It’s often referred to as an age-related eye condition or eyestrain. Presbyopia is the inability to focus up close, a problem related to refraction within the eye.

Presbyopia or eyestrain is the difficulty in focusing in near vision (reading, computer, etc.), which appears after the age of 40-45. It’s due to the eye’s difficulty in focusing at these distances and increases with age. It’s a natural, physiological process that affects everyone, although it may appear sooner or later, depending on the case.

Refractive surgery has evolved in recent years to be able to correct this problem as well, in the same way as we do with myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Presbyopia surgery involves different techniques, selected for each case, depending on the age of the person, the prescription needed for distance vision and the characteristics of the eye. Each case is evaluated by means of a series of tests in order to decide which technique is most suitable for each individual.

This issue can be particularly troublesome for those who are working and depend on their eyes for delicate tasks. Direkt Optik suggests getting fitted for reading glasses, or multifocals for when you need a certain power for long-distance and stronger power for reading, as a result of eyesight problems from ageing. 

If you’re currently experiencing any of the symptoms or conditions mentioned, we strongly advise that you schedule an eye test with Direkt Optik to best move forward. They’ll carry out a thorough eye test in order to give you the best advice and the most accurate result. 


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