Park Workers Discover Huge Roman Coin Trove


Workers who were laying pipes in a Spanish park in Tomares last Wednesday (27th April) have unearthed a 600 kilogram (equivalent to 1,300 pound) trove of Roman Coins.

The coins are believed that have been recently minted at the time of their storage and it has been theorised that they had probably been stored in the first place to pay soldiers or civil servants. Cultural officials are calling it a ‘unique historic discovery.’

The Seville Archaeological Museum said the construction workers came across 19 amphoras in total; however only 10 of the clay pots were found intact. Each contained thousands of unused bronze and silver-coated coins that dates from the end of the fourth century and were found buried just over a metre underground.


The director of the museum, Ana Narvarro said that the discovery last Wednesday in the southern town on Tomares (just outside Seville) was unique for Spain and of incalculable value. She went on to tell reporters that the museum has already contacted counterparts in Britain, France and Italy and has been confirmed that the find has been one of the most important from that period.

The coins that have been studied to date so far bear images of emperors Constantine and Maximan and have a variety of images on the reverse.


The cultural department at the museum has said that they have no similar coins in its collection so that once the find has been fully investigated the pieces will be put on display in the museum.

The Romans began to conquer Spain in 218 B.C. and ruled until the fifth century.

On Friday (29th April) the construction work in the park was halted while the archaeologists investigated further.


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