Overcome Your Fears of the Dentist with ACE DNTL | STUDIO

Constantly striving to change the way its patients think about dentistry, ACE DNTL | Studio in Marbella shares with us their insight into the art of dentistry ceramics. 

According to studies, between 10 and 15% of the population feels fear or anxiety when they know that they have a dentist appointment coming up. 

Normally, this fear usually has its origin in traumatic experiences. At least two-thirds of people who suffer from fear of the dentist recognize that the origin of this apprehension is located in childhood and adolescence as a result of a dramatic experience. 

In addition, there are also cases of people who admit to never having been afraid and years later have developed the phobia during the course of treatment.

Your dentist plays an important role in overcoming such fear is played by the dentist. It’s vital that your dentist learns communication techniques and maintains a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, promoting sincerity and understanding. 

They should also bear in mind that each person has a different perception of pain. It is important to create a family environment in which regular visits to the dentist and a positive attitude towards dental care are encouraged in order to prevent dental phobia from appearing in children. 

When it comes to overcoming fear, ACE DNTL in Marbella recommends these important steps upon booking your appointment: 

  •       Inform ourselves about the process to be carried out.
  •       Make an appointment on days when we are not going to be stressed for other   
  •       Listen to the ambient music and close your eyes.
  •       Ask questions if you have any doubts.
  •       And, above all, see your dentist as someone close to you, an expert in the field and who wants the best for you.

ACE DNTL | STUDIO, Puerto Banus, Marbella


Creating a Relaxing Environment

In an effort to ease your mind, ACE DNTL has gone to every length to welcome its patients into a calm and soothing environment. Dr Ace Korkchi is fully aware of the fears that can wash over them. 

In a bid to reduce feelings of stress and hastiness, Dr Ace has decided to opt for a “one-patient per day” protocol, so that he can provide his undivided attention to his patients. 

Dr Ace Korkchi


ACE DNTL is pushing the envelope to transform the way we normally think about the dentist. Based in Puerto Banus, they aim to provide a “new” type of dentistry, relaxing aesthetics and a calming atmosphere to their clients. 

The moment you step into the studio, you’ll feel catered to in every possible way. Dr Korkchi has a strict protocol of only seeing one patient per day, so his clinic is indeed a bespoke revolutionary service, making them feel as though they are family. 

At this dental studio, the client’s atmosphere and frame of mind is the main priority at all times. Patients are treated in open, spacious rooms that are designed in an elegant, minimal style. All of the elements come together, as patients are immersed in relaxing music and even soothing scents, with the intent of making them feel immediately calm. 



Mon-Fri: 09-18

Sat: Closed


Avda pilar Calvo , centro comercial iberico,

29660, Nueva Andalucía

Phone: +34 951 56 75 47



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