You can overcome your alcohol addiction

An addiction is a disease that affects all areas of your life. Alcohol addiction is one of the most common and can cause death. Do you think you or someone you know is abusing alcohol? Then keep reading.


Alcohol addiction or alcoholism is a chronic, progressive and degenerative disease that results from abuse of alcoholic beverages. That is, it is a disease that cannot be cured, but it can be controlled. This type of addiction has serious consequences for health and social life of those who suffer from it, as well as a physical dependence on alcohol, experiencing withdrawal symptoms if they stop drinking.


According to Triora experts, alcohol addiction usually has an external origin. That’s why addicts often think that once their problem is solved, their addiction will also disappear. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In addition to external problems, it is proven that genetic factors play an important role in alcohol addiction. If someone in your family has suffered alcoholism, it is three to four times more likely that you also suffer from it. However, it is not necessary to understand the reason why an alcoholic suffers alcohol dependence for treating the condition.


What are the symptoms of alcoholism?

Have you ever thought that you drink too much alcohol? If you can’t stop drinking when you try, you may suffer an alcohol addiction. An addict needs to consume alcoholic beverages and loses control when he starts drinking. Furthermore, the doses must be increasing to achieve the desired state of intoxication due to the tolerance phenomenon.


Also, for alcoholic persons everything revolves around alcohol. They are unable to perform their tasks at work, at home, or in their studies and their personal relationships worsen significantly. This is because they spend much time drinking, while the rest of the time they are recovering from the effects of alcohol on their body. Despite this, they continue to drink, even knowing that they are putting their health and the safety of other people at risk.


How to treat alcohol addiction


Symptoms of withdrawal syndrome

When alcoholics try to stop drinking, they suffer serious physical reactions that manifest as withdrawal symptoms. This process is characterised by tremors, sweating, depression, anxiety, nausea and malaise. Withdrawal syndrome appears between six and 48 hours after stopping alcohol consumption and, if there are no complications, it remits after two to five days, although it can progress to delirium tremens. Other symptoms are irritability, headaches, restlessness and fatigue, as well as nightmares, lack of appetite, hallucinations or difficulty thinking.


What consequences does alcoholism have?

Alcoholism affects the life of the addicts at all levels. Excessive alcohol consumption causes physical damage and a decrease in the intellectual abilities of the patients, but also affects their social relationships. Some direct consequences with the loss of self-control, dizziness, delirium, disinhibition in speech, ethyl coma and even death.


Likewise, alcohol addicts can also develop other serious diseases of the nervous system and digestive system, as well as cardiovascular diseases, anaemia and even cancer. Other possible effects are physical and verbal aggressions and the provocation of accidents and material damage.



Overcome your alcohol addiction

Most people who suffer from alcohol addiction cannot stop drinking without help. If you think that you or a close person can be addicted to alcohol, Triora clinics can help you. They offer a highly effective private treatment to help you stop drinking and stay sober. For this, the Triora Model is based on a unique, holistic approach that includes a combination of medical and psychological treatments in group sessions or through personal coaching. In addition, the treatment also includes the partners and relatives of the patient, integrating them into the process and offering advice at all times.


In Triora clinics you can regain control of your life in a pleasant environment where you will feel comfortable. You can also choose between a residential treatment in its modern clinics in Alicante and Malaga or an outpatient treatment via secure videoconferencing. This treatment is offered in both Spanish and English and is highly successful. Start your new alcohol-free life today with the help of Triora experts.



On the other hand, if you think you have problems with alcohol, Triora gives you a self-test to find out more about the signs of alcoholism or if you need to stop drinking. In addition, in Triora they also offer treatments for other diseases, such as video gamesgamblingtechnologyalcohol and drugs addictions. Contact their team of professionals, they can provide you the help you need. For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media.



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