Orobianco Sparkles Again: A Michelin Star Returns to the Culinary Sky of Calpe

Orobianco’s façade is once again adorned with the brilliance of a Michelin star. Under the culinary leadership of Paolo Casagrande, this restaurant has reclaimed the esteemed recognition from the Michelin Guide 2024. Known for its high-end Mediterranean cuisine with a strong Italian influence, Orobianco stands as a beacon not only for its culinary prowess but also for its elevated service, exquisite cocktails, and breathtaking views.

Chef Paolo Casagrande (right), alongside head chef Andrea Drago (left), at Orobianco

The star shines once more over the hills of Calpe. Orobianco proudly clinched the Michelin distinction for 2024, celebrated at the Auditori Fòrum in Barcelona, reinstating its prestige in the culinary realm of the Comunitat Valenciana. This accolade marks a return for the restaurant under the helm of Italian chef Paolo Casagrande, already adorned with the highest rating of three stars at Lasarte restaurant in Barcelona. Orobianco now stands tall as a leading purveyor of exquisite Italian cuisine this side of the Mediterranean, where the pantry is abundant.

“We are immensely joyful and grateful to Michelin España. Reclaiming the star was one of our dreams, but we didn’t expect to achieve it so soon,” expressed Casagrande upon learning of the rating. This recognition wouldn’t have been possible “without the incredible work, accomplished in record time, to adapt to the space and create a distinctive and unique proposal,” added the chef. He expressed heartfelt gratitude and acknowledged the rigorous efforts of his entire team. Steering the restaurant alongside Casagrande are Andrea Drago as head chef, Inês Correia managing the dining room, and Inna Skriabina overseeing the space’s management and ownership.

With this, Michelin once again turns its gaze toward the Comunitat Valenciana, elevating it from 22 to 25 stars in the latest edition. Particularly, Alicante province gains two distinctions, emphasizing a notable concentration in the area: a total of 17 stars distributed among 13 restaurants. “Together, we’ll ensure that this fantastic land remains one of the most significant gastronomic references in the Mediterranean,” stated Orobianco’s culinary director, Casagrande, also maintaining the three stars for his Barcelona-based restaurant, Lasarte.

A Shining Journey

Looking back at Orobianco’s trajectory, the restaurant’s path has been intense and consistently focused on high-end Mediterranean cuisine with an Italian flair. Its doors opened in 2015, but it wasn’t until 2019 that the Michelin Guide awarded its first star, reserved for spaces offering “high-quality food deserving a stop.” This distinction, the first and only given in the Comunitat to an Italian recipe restaurant, solidified Orobianco as an essential brand, drawing visitors from across Spain to Calpe. In 2022, the space closed temporarily for facility updates and culinary revamping, leading to the loss of the star.

However, this reflective period emerged as a strengthening phase for Orobianco. In March 2023, Paolo Casagrande was appointed as the executive chef, marking a continued commitment to culinary excellence, respect for Mediterranean ingredients, and a subtly Italian spirit. Additionally, in the summer of this year, the restaurant introduced a rooftop cocktail bar in collaboration with Paradiso Barcelona and bartender Giacomo Giannotti’s style, complementing their offerings. In winter, while the terrace remains closed, select cocktails accompany the prestigious wine list inside Orobianco’s dining room, boasting stunning views of the Alicante coast.

Paolo Casagrande’s culinary masterpiece: San Pedro, beetroot, pomegranate, and sea foie.

Paolo Casagrande is widely known as “the chef of emotions,” and for good reason. Hailing from the northern region of Veneto, much of his culinary journey has unfolded in Spain, with his residency in Barcelona since 2012. In the case of Calpe, he entrusted the kitchen to Andrea Drago, hailing from Lake Como, who joined Lasarte Barcelona in 2013 and is well-versed in all its dishes. This speaks volumes about the immense trust between them. Presently, Orobianco offers three menu options available year-round: the 4-course Lunch Menu, the Orobianco Menu, and the Tasting Menu, available in both long and short formats.

Orobianco stands as a unique restaurant, offering highly technical yet partly traditional cuisine, driven by passion. “We aimed to create a unique and elegant experience, placing high Mediterranean gastronomy at the heart of the restaurant,” they affirm. The Peñón de Ifach and the sea as a backdrop have added to the allure. Ultimately, the love for the Mediterranean Sea connects cultures, emotions, and palates.

A Gleaming Land

In this edition, the Michelin Guide has distributed three new stars across the Comunitat Valenciana. Adding to Orobianco’s star, one more was awarded in the province of València and another in Alicante province. In a gala that crowned two new three-star restaurants – Noor (Córdoba) and Disfrutar (Barcelona) – along with numerous green stars and several Bib Gourmands for the best value for money, Calpe had its own spotlight. It wasn’t just Andrea Drago’s presence on stage, visibly moved while receiving the chef’s jacket, but also Casagrande’s prominence. He coordinated a team of nine restaurants responsible for cooking during the gala’s cocktail event.

This new star for Orobianco adds to its list of accolades, including its 35th position in the Ranking of the Best Italian Restaurants outside Italy by 50 Top Italy – Prosecco Doc Award, making it the sole Spanish restaurant on this list. These achievements underscore the preparation, precision, and remarkable quality of Orobianco’s dishes, but above all, they highlight the intense efforts of its human team.

The entire team at Orobianco, both kitchen and dining room, by the restaurant’s window.

Paolo Casagrande and his entire team are determined to demonstrate that there are stars that never cease to shine. The passion for well-crafted things lies at the heart of the success of haute cuisine. A cuisine that, beyond technique and service, never forgets where it comes from and how it has arrived here.

Orobianco Ristorante di Calpe

Adress: Urb. Colina del Sol, 49-A, Calpe, Alicante, España

Phone: 96 680 66 61




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