Number of U.K. expats in Spain more than Spanish in U.K.

There are an apparent two and a half times as many UK citizens living in Spain as Spanish residing in the UK, according to the Office for National Statistics.


Almost 300,000 British citizens are said to have been residents of Spain for 12 months or more in 2016, whereas there were only 116,000 Spaniards in the U.K.


These reports were created in order to provide more information ahead of Brexit negotiations.


Living around the coastal areas was the most popular choice for British expats in Spain, and 48% of them are said to be retired. This number has increased dramatically since a few years ago.


Mainly younger Spaniards between the ages 20-39 are living in the U.K, with 59% of that age group in employment, and work in three main sectors:

-Public administration, education and health

-Banking and finance

-Distribution, hotels and restaurants.

Overall, a total of 5% of Spaniards in the U.K. are unemployed.


This is quite a contrast to British in Spain; where almost half of them are retired, 11% are unemployed and only 22% are working. Those too young to work, and those economically inactive make up the rest.


There were an apparent 219,000 visits of between one to 12 months to Spain by the British, mostly not for study of work, so this number could be made up of those with holiday homes there. There were also 13 million visits to Spain which lasted less than a month in 2016. In comparison, there were only 849,000 visits to the U.K. from Spaniards.


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