Nomada Review: An Unforgettable Culinary Experience

Located facing the boats in the marina, the Nomada restaurant offers a spectacular setting. The perfectly situated tables and exceptional ambiance create the ideal backdrop for a unique dining experience.

The service provided by waiters Pau and Javier was simply excellent. Both were very knowledgeable about the wines and cuisine, and their friendly and experienced manner made our visit extremely pleasant.


Tasting Menus: Passeggiata in Collina and Profumo Di Mare

We tried two of their tasting menus: Passeggiata in Collina and Profumo Di Mare. The first was more oriented towards fish and the second towards meat.

Profumo di Mare

Serving order of dishes:

  • Ceviche
  • Calamarata
  • Baccalà
  • Meringata
  • Piccola Pasticceria

Passeggiata in Collina 

Serving order of dishes:

  • Vitello Tonnato
  • Tagliolini al tartufo
  • Filetto
  • Tiramisù (Quasi) Tradizionale
  • Piccola Pasticceria

We started with a perfect glass of sparkling rosé cava, Contadi Castaldi Satèn. Then, for the first courses, Pau recommended a white wine, VIA FRANCIA BIANCO RESERVA, which paired perfectly with the food.

We were surprised to be served an extra aperitivo to start. Pannacotta de Guisante, Mascarpone and dried raspberry served in a single bite. A beautiful way to start. 

The Mediterranean prawn ceviche with violet flower ice cream had exceptional sauces, making it a perfect starter.

Next, the Calamarata pasta featured mussels, scampi, octopus, and squid, all mixed with a meaty-textured pasta and a lovely variety of fish flavours. It was an excellent choice. 

The Baccalà, cod with tomato and mussles, citronella milk base foam, offering an exceptional taste ideal for fish lovers. It was tender, light, and very tasty.

Finally, the meringata was one of the best I’ve ever tasted.

It was very sour with a zesty kick and had a smooth, lovely lemon flavour. This dessert was paired with a new dessert wine called L´EREMITA, which complemented it perfectly.

The second menu, Passeggiata in Collina, was equally impressive.

Passeggiata in Collina 

Serving order of dishes:

  • Vitello Tonnato
  • Tagliolini al tartufo
  • Filetto
  • Tiramisù (Quasi) Tradizionale
  • Piccola Pasticceria

The Vitello Tonnato, had an amazing texture and flavour. The combination of sauces with a milk base was delightful.

The Tagliolini with truffle is a must-try if you like truffles and pasta. It had a lovely presentation, light truffles on top, and a rich sauce, offering a delightful texture.

The beef fillet with red wine sauce and carrots was accompanied by the best potatoes I have ever tasted in a restaurant. These potatoes are first boiled, then fried, and cooked a third time to achieve a crispy texture and perfect flavour. The beef and carrots complemented the dish wonderfully. 

Throughout the meal, Javier and Pau provided excellent advice and assistance. The red wine Valpolicella Ripasso (BERTANI) was ideal for this menu, allowing us to enjoy the various wines in perfect order. 

The tiramisu was large, soft, and delicate, creamy, and light, providing a wonderful taste to finalize our tasting menu.

A Meeting with the Chef

To conclude our experience, Chef Massimo Arienti visited our table. His knowledge and expertise as a chef ensure that Nomada will soon open their hotel in Dénia with another high-quality restaurant under Massimo’s direction. We highly recommend trying it, as well as this superb Nomada restaurant, as soon as you can.

Beyond Dining: Nomada’s Upcoming Delights and Unique Experiences

Nomada delights patrons with an extensive variety of pizzas and pastas, honoring traditional Italian cuisine in its most authentic form. As if the culinary offerings weren’t enough, Nomada also provides thrilling nautical experiences, perfect for enjoying the Mediterranean. With summer approaching and daylight extending until 10 PM, guests can revel in the long, warm days out at sea.

In 2025, Nomada will elevate its exceptional offerings by opening the Nomada Boutique Hotel, a luxurious accommodation in the heart of Denia. Guests will be treated to spectacular views of the Denia Castle and Montgó, ensuring an exquisite stay in a prime location.

For those seeking a stylish venue to celebrate special events, Nomada’s location by the water in the Marina of Denia, with the Denia Castle as a stunning backdrop, is unparalleled. The restaurant’s vibrant atmosphere, top-notch chefs, and spectacular staff create the perfect setting for unforgettable moments. Whether dining, sailing, celebrating, or soon, staying in this exclusive area of the Costa Blanca, Nomada ensures an extraordinary experience.

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In summary, our experience at Nomada was one of the best we have ever had. The service and cuisine were first-class, solidifying Nomada as one of the best restaurants in Denia.


Contact Nomada today

Marina El Portet de Dénia, Moll de la Pansa, 11

03700, Dénia, Alicante, Spain

Restaurant: +34 662 941 887


Boat Charter: +34 699 064 360



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