Noa Lounge & Gourmet: A Gastronomic Journey From The Heart Of Puerto De Campomanes Altea

Today we want to let you know of one of our favourite restaurants that is now back and better than ever in located in a fantastic position, ready to serve us what they do best.

We are talking about NOA LOUNGE & GOURMET with their excellent high-quality cuisine now situated in the lively Puerto Campomanes, a stunning enclave located three kilometers from the middle of lovely Altea.


Some of you may already be familiar with Noa Lounge & Gourmet, which initially opened its doors in Albir 11 years ago. Melissa and Freddy, who are originally from Brazil and Argentina, agreed to collaborate on this project.

This enthusiastic pair began their career in the hospitality sector many years ago with their first restaurant in Punta del Este  Uruguay, followed by the Acqua restaurant in Alicante, and then Noa in Albir.

In its early stages, Noa sounded just like Melissa and Freddy. A modest restaurant committed to high-quality cuisine and excellent customer service. They chose to grow the restaurant owing to its popularity over time, and while it worked well, they felt they were losing the core of what Noa was initially.

So they decided this year to return Noa to its roots as a restaurant committed to personalized service, gourmet food, and a team dedicated to quality and the clients.



And thus Noa Lounge & Gourmet is reborn in Altea’s prestigious Puerto Campomanes neighborhood surrounded by magnificent beaches and coves, in addition to an interior of soft mountains and Mediterranean towns with a privileged climate. The area is a concept designed for leisure, rest, and well-being.


The same gastronomic concept in front of the Mediterranean Sea



With eleven years of expertise, Noa Lounge & Gourmet continues to be a reference on the Costa Blanca in a smaller space but with the same spirit of its beginnings. An international cuisine characterized as a gourmet voyage across the world, with a gastronomic fusion of many roots (oriental, Peruvian…).

Its menu includes Japanese-Mediterranean cuisine, a tour through America from north to south, and 100% Spanish tapas. A true sensory experience, where famous chefs Freddy Blanco and Oscar Marco put their whole devotion to a cuisine without boundaries, where quality and the consumer come first.

Here you can always expect a fresh product of the best quality, prepared to order, and with the same flavour as before. Shown below are some of their delicacies.


Grilled Calamari


Grilled Tuna


Salmon Sashimi


Thai Shrimp


Tuna Tataki


Charcoal-grilled Octopus


Tuna Tartar




Gravlax Salmon


Sirloin Carpaccio


Curry Chicken


As for the venue itself, Noa has always had the reputation that its most loyal customers came for its delicious cuisine and for the cozy and warm atmosphere that characterizes it, so in that vein, Noa Campomanes will have that unique and warm atmosphere that makes you feel so good in a place that you will want to return to.



Allow yourself to be thrilled by a blend of cuisines, pure quality, and exceptional customer service. This is Noa Lounge & Gourmet’s proposal: to continue serving the finest but enhanced and to provide the original value that Noa gives its consumers and their enthusiasm for what they do.


You may find them at:

NEW LOCATION: Complejo Puerto Deportivo Luis Campomanes, Local 1, 03590 Altea, Alicante

Bookings By Phone: 966 86 47 83

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