New Thematic Weeks at Puerto Blanco Restaurant in Calpe

Haute cuisine, exquisite taste, the freshest ingredients from land and sea, and a great setup around the exotic lagoon of the restaurant’s garden: briefly, this is Puerto Blanco. The renowned venue in Calpe is also organising events, such as this series of gourmet pairings that will introduce us to stunning combinations of flavours and textures.





The haute cuisine is a specialised way of cooking and preparing meals and it literally means “high cooking” – as reference to the high-quality cooking, the meticulous preparation and careful presentation of meals. Ever since the 17th century when the French chefs introduced it, haute cuisine has been providing customers with difficult-to-cook meals and special, international ingredients that were hard to come across. Having become the synonym for great gastronomic experiences, this way of cooking is sure to be a unique experience.



Over the next three weeks to come, Chef Patrick Manguette, creator of the haute cuisine of Puerto Blanco restaurant, and his entire team, invite us to discover some of the secrets behind his art, creating three events, more exactly three thematic sessions of pairings:



Asparagus and Salmon, which started on Tuesday and goes on until Saturday, April the 28th;

Scallops and Veal, from May the 1st to May the 4th;

Lobster and Beef, from May the 8th to May the 11th.



These land and sea pairings will definitely delight your senses and steal your heart with their subtleties. Just take a look at the recipe below, for a glimpse into the many surprises that Puerto Blanco is preparing for us, like this Grilled salmon with basil sauce and sweet potato puree and citrus:






For the thematic weeks to come, make your reservations at Puerto Blanco by phone at + 96 583 09 77.

Check the website of Puerto Blanco Restaurant in Calpe, for more information:

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