New heat wave ahead after unusual week of summer downpour

After an unusual cool spell that brought rain to Spain, heat waves are back on the forecast, which will affect many regions of the area from at least Wednesday to Friday this week.


On Wednesday, regions such as Jaén and Córdoba are expected to see highs of 42 degrees Celsius, and on Thursday, even higher.


The last of the rain is said to be today in the majority of the country, and after that, temperatures all across Spain are predicted to rise.


Dalia Gutiérrez, from the Spanish meteorology agency, Aemet, has said: “As the atmosphere becomes more stable, the air gets hotter, and temperatures will rise a lot, and very fast. We could be talking about eight to 10 degrees hotter than Monday, depending on the area.”


The heat is said to be particularly intense in Andalucía, Extremadura and Castilla La Manca, with Badajoz, Huelva, Seville, Ciudad Real and Albacete having the highest forecasts.


Gutiérrez said: “What’s extraordinary, is the ups and downs that we have experienced: first a few very hot days, followed by a drop in temperatures and intense rainstorms, and again a sudden rise.”

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