Need Help in Becoming a Registered Freelancer? Ask Webster Asesores

Being an ex-pat in Spain is hard enough, so it’s comforting to know that there are legal consultants at your beck and call to handle all your legal needs. 

Many foreigners that are in the process of moving to Spain face the same question: How will I set up my self-employed documents? Is it necessary to hire external help?

The whole experience can be quite daunting. That’s why for entrepreneurs, the tax, labour and accounting advisor has become an essential figure that, in addition to generating confidence and security in everything related to tax matters, allows them to save time and costs in all processes related to their functions.

Despite the crisis and although many businesses have had to close their doors due to the pandemic, many people have decided to become self-employed. So much so that the number of self-employed workers in June of 2020 grew by 24,346, representing a monthly increase of 0.8% in Spain. In total, this is three times more than last year at the same time.

Without further ado, we present to you: Webster Asesores. Based in Javea, Alicante, Webster Asesores consists of a highly-experienced team, with a vast knowledge of Spanish laws and legislations, as well as property transfers, inheritances and wills. 

Their multilingual team will be able to assist you when it comes to taxes on your property, setting up a business, as well as giving advice on any self-employed issues you may be facing. 

The first thing any entrepreneur should consider is whether to register alone or with professional help. You can register as self-employed yourself or you can hire the services of a legal consultancy. 

Both options are valid and have their advantages and disadvantages. While registering with the help of a professional will cost less time, and will be more convenient and secure, doing it alone is tricky but is free of charge.

However, in our opinion, the advantages outweigh the cons. When having to do all the pesky paperwork yourself, it’s quite easy to miss at least one significant detail that you’ll have to pay for later on. 

The tax, labour and accounting advisors at Webster are responsible for providing entrepreneurs and self-employed people with reliable information regarding, for example, the payment of salaries or everything related to quarterly settlements.

The same applies to corporate tax and personal income tax declarations of employees, as well as the company’s accounts, which must always be in order and in compliance with the regulations, in the event of any tax inspection that may occur.

Here are some advantages of hiring a legal advisor at Webster Asesores: 


Fully personalised analysis and attention

One of the most important functions of their tax, labour and accounting advisors is to make a detailed analysis of all possible problems that may be affecting the company, with the aim of seeking possible solutions in an effective and quick manner, to prevent these problems from worsening.


Economic and time savings

When these types of functions are delegated to a tax, labour and accounting advisor, the company will benefit from time savings, as well as an economic benefit, as the company will not count this expense as a staff cost.

They’ll Do all the Paperwork

For any company, keeping all the paperwork up to date represents an arduous task, as it involves a variety of procedures, in addition to document management.

The figure of the tax, labour and accounting advisor is crucial in this task, as he or she will be in charge of managing all the required documentation so that there are no delinquencies that could later translate into unnecessary fines and money leaks.


What Do I Need Before Making an Appointment?

As Webster will explain, before registering as self-employed you also need to define the circumstances in which you are going to work. You’ll have to define how and where you will carry out your activity. This decision is crucial and depends on questions such as:

  • The tax form you need to present to register with the tax authorities: it can be 036 or you can also register with 037.
  • The way in which you are going to pay taxes: self-employed companies have different tax benefits and tax obligations to self-employed people who work in a personal capacity.
  • The self-employed fee you will pay: You can choose the amount you want between 289 and 1,221 per month. The minimum for the corporate self-employed is €141.71 per month for the first year of the flat rate, then it increases progressively over the following three years until it reaches €367 per month. Remember that the higher the contribution, the higher the benefits.




Webster Asesores S.L.

Edificio Velas Blancas – Calle Salvador Salvá



Telephone: 902 887 900



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