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A fantastic villa designed for people that are looking for a combination of design, seclusion and nature. This property is divided into two parts, one for the day-time and one for the night. These two areas are separated by an open area that provides space for plants and water features and they are connected by a glass corridor.

In the day-time part of the house there is a modern and luxurious open plan kitchen with fantastic views of the countryside. Just behind the kitchen you can enjoy shady spots in the open-air inner courtyard.

The night-time part of this house provides 3 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, each with a totally original design.

As you walk into the open corridor that divides the two sections of the villa, you will find a flight of stairs leading to the roof terrace where there is a fabulous swimming pool with built-in relaxation chairs and massage jets.


This house has been constructed with solid foundations and structural bases, 28cm thick walls of reinforced concrete and completely covered with 10cm thick, hand-cut Rodeno Stone, giving the house a solid and robust character.

Sculpture by the Artist Antonio Mari:

The iron enclosure of the two exterior patios on the main façade is an exclusive design by the artist Antonio Mari. He has created a forest of iron trees that appear to be swaying in the wind, giving the façade and exterior patios a uniquely artistic and exclusive feeling and converting the facade into a work of art.

Interior Patios:

It is the interior patios that generate the circulation of air within both these areas and the internal living area of the house, permitting the house to breathe naturally, and within these spaces we have included pools of water and a sheet of Corten steel forming a curtain of running water in the patio off the kitchen. This generates unique sensations of calm and tranquility and forms a private area where one can enjoy the natural elements.

Cristal Gallery:

This Gallery was designed to connect the living and sleeping areas, dividing the house in two completely separate areas connected visually and with views of the patio, as it runs the full length of the house to the stairs that ascend to the exterior terraces on the upper level. This Gallery is the interior artery, a corridor with a life and identity of its own that creates abundant light.

The Fireplace:

This beautiful fireplace is from the German company Sparthem and is quite unique – we had wanted to escape from artificial styles and opted for a wood burning fireplace, complete with a glass front so as to contemplate the fire as an element. The glass has a “guillotine” movement that permits easy access for laying the fire.

Stone Wall at the end of the corridor:

This element represents the essence of the property, as it crosses from the outside to the inside of the house. We have used the same Rodono stone but have sealed the spaces between the stones thus giving a more polished and elegant effect than on the outside.

Living/Dining Room & Kitchen:

A completely open plan area of nearly 70m2. We did not want to construct architectural divisions and there is, therefore, one open area combining the different areas in one single concept, with the interaction of distinctive activities: the living room with its fireplace and patio looks onto the central area with a large round dining room table, which is in turn illuminated by the Glass Gallery, just beside the magnificent and spacious kitchen with its island and bar to seat four people, and which visually draws your eye to the patio outside with its incredible water feature cascading from a height of almost 5 meters. From the sofa in the living room one has a spectacular view of the dining area, kitchen and both patios – one with views of the Montgó and the other more private view of the cascade.

Bedrooms & Bathrooms:

There are 3 bedrooms, each with different dimensions and each with its own unique character. The bathrooms are spacious and incorporate large areas of glass which visually connect with the outside area of the central patio and exterior waterfalls, giving the shower a sensation of space, peace and tranquility. The master bedroom and dressing area have, as a principal architectural characteristic, double-height ceilings giving a visual spaciousness and making this bedroom unique and quite different to the others and here the shower and bathroom form part of the room’s decoration and, due to the lack of walls and visual obstacles, the glass dividers give the area a spectacular natural light.

Interior Parquet Flooring:

The entire floor area on the inside of the house has floating parquet flooring and underfloor central heating. We wanted to transmit a sense of natural wellbeing which we have obtained with the parquet, both by sight and by touch and giving a comfortable atmosphere which transmits natural warmth.


At the end of the central interior patio, there is a flight of stairs, which, measuring two meters in width and carefully designed with wide shallow steps, are comfortable for all age groups and form an attractive feature. The Led illumination is positioned so as to illuminate each step and giving the stairs their own identity within the house.

Shower and Outside Toilet, Store Room and Machine Room:

On the roof of the house there is a large 60m2 terrace and access to the swimming pool. We have selected high quality earthenware tiles and these have been laid on a floating surface with open joints. There are two important reasons for this: when it rains, the open joints absorbs all the water and therefore the outside terraces will never suffer from any water accumulation and the maintenance is very low. The second reason rests entirely in the philosophy of comfort as, when walking barefoot on this surface one has the sensation of a very light and almost “flexible” step and this gives warmth and comfort with each step.

The Swimming Pool:

The swimming pool was vital to making this house even more unique and special. We decided to build a very large 60m2 pool, made of STAINLESS STEEL, with a depth of 1.25m and area with hydro-massage beds and spectacular views of the Mount Montgó and the horizon with its beautiful sunsets. This pool offers easy maintenance, a 30-year guarantee against cracks, joint repairs, and the exclusivity of steel as a modern material which is both flexible and ahead of its time. Depending on the light, shadows and surrounding nature, the steel is constantly reflecting different colours throughout the day. A true pleasure for the senses.

The Cloud:

50% of the upper outside area of the house is covered by a 3m high “CLOUD” that is anchored and stretched over stainless steel posts. The Cloud is made from a revolutionary semi-flexible material that is weather resistant, specifically designed to offer the least resistance to the Mediterranean breezes and generate areas with shade and protection. Thus, a great advantage in the summer months for protection from the sun’s rays and in the winter to protect from the rain, humidity and wind, producing a micro-climate in the open areas. In the summer the area under the Cloud can reach temperatures of up to 10º less than the uncovered areas, giving the house a coolness that would be impossible to obtain in any other type of construction and with the consequential annual savings in energy expenses that this element affords. The Cloud is, without a doubt, the emblem of this project which has converted step by step into a work of architectural art based on feelings of wellbeing, comfort of a Bio Climatic level that are of the highest level of energy efficiency on the market.

Energy Efficiency Details:


The house has been built on an urban plot of 1.000m2 in the Native Life Urbanisation in Javéa, close to the Granadella Natural Park. There is a constructed area of 300m2, a pool of 60m2 with waterfall and exterior terrace of 65m2. The central patio, the ventilation artery for the interior areas, covers an area of 60m2, giving each client the possibility of designing distinctive areas within each patio on either side of the glass gallery. The spacious area comprising Living room, Dining room and Kitchen has a surface area of 59m2 and is surrounded by two patios measuring 36m2 and 18m2, separated by glass that is more than 5m wide. The bedrooms have a surface area of: Small bedroom 21m2, Medium bedroom 22m2 and the large suite 30m2.

Villa EL BOSQUE an innovative conceptual construction. An introspective understanding of the harmony of the elements so giving the house a sensation of unique well being and where we have achieved natural sensations, a unique bio climate with the addition of THE CLOUD, obtaining a goal with the interior temperatures in both summer and winter, complementing each and every area with a refined elegance, paying attention to the feelings rather than the superficial, using the correct quality, without conditions or short-lived idioms. A house that is sheathed in quality and warmth – an authentic work of art.

Urbanización NATIVE LIFE in Jávea. CASA EL BOSQUE. Make an appointment to come and see us, we are sure that the visit will not leave you indifferent.

Property features:

The house has many luxurious features: underfloor central heating, fitted wardrobes, fully equipped kitchen, open courtyards, gardens and a fantastic private stainless steel pool. The roof of the house features a unique covering that provides a very comfortable ambiance as it reduces the temperatures inside the property. In the summer, without using the air-conditioning, you can enjoy a difference of up to 8ºC lower than the outside temperature. This is a unique property in a stunning location.

Price: 950.000,00 €



Calle Niza, 130 – Oficina 1.05 Platja de L’arenal 03738 – Jávea/Xabia (Alicante)


Monday-Friday 09:00 to 14:00

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