The Multicultural Fiesta of Fuengirola

127 different nationalities call the city of Fuengirola home, making it the perfect place to host the International People’s Fair.


Fuengirola, one of the liveliest cities on the Costa del Sol, will host events, open-air exhibitions, live performances and entertainment shows, and dozens of marquees featuring the participating countries and regions, and where they can sample the typical gastronomic fare of each area. Starting on Friday, April 27th and until Tuesday, May 1st, crowds from more than 30 countries come together to host gastronomic fairs and parades celebrating the unique fusion of cultures: the International People’s Fair or Feria Internacional de los Pueblos.



Each country or region decorates their caseta (stand) with national symbols and flags and provides traditional food and entertainment. While Germans may serve their spicy sausages and the USA have their huge triple burgers and pulled pork sandwiches, the Finish have their salmon slowly cooking at the log fire. Argentinians have huge BBQs for meat and sausages, while the Indian aromatic curries are constantly bubbling and the Turkish kebabs keep on rotating their juicy meat mixtures. As for the Spanish tastes, well, they can be found under the big tent of Sabores de lo nuestro (our flavours) showcasing all the delicacies from the Iberian peninsula.



On Saturday, the traditional parade of the Fair will start, at 11.40 in the morning, and follow its traditional route from Plaza de España in Fuengirola and making its way until reaching the Fairground. Here is a glimpse of the 2016 edition: a nice way to travel, through music, entertainment and food, around the whole world, in just 5 days.




Cover image from FIP Fuengirola


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