Move towards banning bullfighting for Balearic Islands

The Balearic province in Spain is looking towards banning bullfighting, despite the capital’s insistence to keep the “tradition.”


Even with the government in Madrid declaring bullfighting as a cultural asset, the popular tourist islands: Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza are now bringing in laws aiming to eliminate the “blood sport.”


The islands tried to ban it back in 2016, but it was stopped after Spain’s constitutional court ruled that local provinces do not have the power to stop the practise. Other regions in Spain, like the Canary Islands and Catalonia, have also tried to ban bullfighting, but have been rejected by the Constitutional Court that states the sport forms a part of the common cultural heritage.


Mallorca bullring

However, on Monday, the Balearic parliament voted again to bring in strict laws, such as; a ban on the use of horses and sharp tools in the rings as well as a 10-minute limit on fights and no alcohol in stadiums, which they’re hoping will influence the bullfighting practise.


Other tough rules have also been set to eventually eliminate the bullfights, which involve: transport, origin, age and weight of the bulls, as well as a ban on slaughter and compulsory full veterinary inspections.


Joanna Swabe, a director for the Human Society Europe, said: “This shows that a full ban is not strictly necessary to end the practise of bullfighting, and that compassion can win the day where there is strong public and political will to end animal cruelty.


“Around 30 towns across the Balearic Islands had already voiced their opposition to bullfighting and so this measure to halt both bullfights and bull fiestas enjoys the broad support of both locals and the international community alike.”





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