More hurt in Pamplona’s bull run

On day four of this old traditional bull run, two more participants have been hurt in the event.


Two suffered from minor injuries on the day of San Fermin festival, where dozens of bulls chase participants down the streets of Pamplona.


This is one of Pamplona’s biggest festivals of the year, and many come dressed in the traditional white shirt and red neckerchiefs.


Around 11 people have already been hurt in total in this year’s event, still with four more days left to go. Every year there are injuries, and even deaths some years, due to being gored by a bull.


Activists around Spain are trying to stop bull fighting, or any type of bull-related event, for animal cruelty reasons. In Barcelona, the sport was banned for a short period of time, but the ban was shortly removed after the high court said it would be forgetting the nations heritage and culture.


Pamplona is not the only place in Spain to host a bull-running event. Other smaller towns also support the sport, and two years ago, was the highest number of death by bulls (10 people) since 2009.


The event is not only for Spaniards, but a lot of tourists come to Pamplona just to take part in the event. Several Americans and an Irishman are among those foreign visitors injured.

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