MoraguesPons: The Heart of Mediterranean Homes

Based in Javea with over 25 years of experience, MoraguesPons is your go-to Costa Blanca real estate agent when searching for your ideal Mediterranean style home. 

Mediterranean homes are bright, fresh and welcoming. Their aesthetics are truly impressive and their spaces are unique, warm and comforting.

Mediterranean home design has an eminently cultural essence. This is because it originated in countries such as Italy, Greece and Spain, which have privileged access to the Mediterranean Sea.

As a result, the climate of these places, as well as the lifestyle of their citizens, gave impetus to this particular house design that everyone seems to love.

This is what the team at MoraguesPons strive to achieve for your dream Mediterranean style home. This family business in Javea, Costa Blanca understands the importance of finding the right home for each and every client. 

MoraguesPons has the innate ability to consider every aspect of a home, in order to sell it for the best possible price. 

MoraguesPons thrives as a team because of its honest and personal approach to its clients. As real estate consultants, the top priority is that their clients trust them and their work, and to meet nothing short of what their needs are. 

Working swiftly and efficiently, the team will guarantee to only find you clients that are genuinely interested in your property, avoiding visits that aren’t worthwhile for either party involved. 


The Charm of Mediterranean Houses

The design of Mediterranean houses has gained an impressive boom in Europe and the West, and even in American locations such as Florida, Texas or Arizona.

You might wonder why this is? Because they are spacious, warm and cosy, and in them, you will always feel comfortable and serene.

If you dream of living in this type of house, we invite you to contact Morages Pons. Their team will attend to your requirements successfully and will guide you at all times to achieve the expected results.

Be sure to follow their Instagram page for more useful and relevant information about architecture, construction and design.


Find your Mediterranean Dream Home with MoraguesPons

The dedicated team at MoraguesPons specialises in the buying, selling and renting of apartments, houses, villas, luxury Meditteranean villas. MoraguesPons invites you to discover their sensational properties lined up in Jávea, Moraira, Benissa and Dénia. 

What should you look for in an authentic Mediterranean home? That’s where this family-ran business can step in to best advise. Mediterranean houses set a milestone in terms of architecture and simplicity. With their open spaces, you will experience an enormous sense of freedom and you will surely love it.

In addition, they are characterised by a very luxurious and elegant appearance – which is typical of the Mediterranean – without leaving aside their homely and traditional essence.

Undoubtedly, Mediterranean design has Spanish, Greek and Italian influences. Although it is common for Mediterranean houses to look much more like a country houses.

Light tones are a must in these homes, regardless of whether they are small Mediterranean houses or more comfortable and prominent spaces. The colour white is the main protagonist in the colour palette of Mediterranean style houses.

Beige, cream, ochre and stone tones are also widely used because they reflect the sun’s rays very well, which increases the sensation of luminosity in the place. However, blue is the colour par excellence in these cases because it brings a sense of well-being, immensity and purity.

Take a look at some of these excellent examples of properties listed by MoraguesPons, carrying out Mediterranean style reforms in record time. 



Address: C/ Avda. Ausias March 13, Local 4,

03730 Jávea, Alicante, Spain


Phone: +34 96 579 39 42

Mobile: +34 634 067 549




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