Monte Alminara joins forces with Triora

Monte Alminara, a well-known addiction treatment center in Malaga, is now part of the Triora family in Spain. Triora is a private international company specialized in addiction treatment.


According to John Kreuze, CEO of Triora, both entities will benefit from this joint venture, since it will reinforce the excellent work that Monte Alminara has been performing through all these years, complementing its working method with the Triora Model, which is based on a concept holistic that addresses mind, body and soul.



The Triora method, according to Kreuze, will be in turn enriched by the good practices and experience of the Monte Alminara professional team. “We firmly believe that this joint venture is great news for people suffering from the terrible disease of addiction in the region of Malaga,” says Kreuze, “Monte Alminara has been doing a great job for years and with this joint venture we are simply making the good even better. It has been very easy to work with the Monte Alminara team in the integration of our two organizations. We met with a group of highly qualified professionals willing to share and learn from each other, working along with our therapeutic team.”



In turn, Nuria García, General Manager of Monte Alminara, also believes that this agreement will be greatly beneficial for the population of Malaga and its surroundings. “We are extremely pleased to have achieved this collaboration agreement with Triora. Monte Alminara has earned a great name over the years helping families in and around Málaga to recover a life free of addictions, “explains García,”thanks to Triora we will be even more effective in incorporating the method they have developed our way of working and which has proven to be highly effective in the Netherlands.”



Monte Alminara, which will be known from now on as Triora Monte Alminara, begins in February 2018 to provide addiction treatments using the Triora method.



The Triora model is based on a holistic approach that addresses body, mind and soul. In treatment programs, patients go through a series of carefully designed activities to progressively improve all areas of their lives – from providing them with proper nutrition and daily physical activity, to helping them regain their purpose in life. The treatment of the family and social reintegration are also fundamental pillars of the model. During their journey towards recovery they are assisted by experts in various specialties.




Triora is an international private organization specializing in addiction treatment, whose model for addiction recovery has one of the highest levels of abstinence in the world.


Triora is part of Parnassia Group, one of the largest providers of mental health services in the world, with a 400-years history employing over 12,500 professionals.

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Contact numbers: Alicante: +34 965 150 965 · Málaga: +34 952 641 207


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