About Mojo Capitals:

Mojo Capitals is closely associated with House of Mojo, a renowned entity in the real estate industry. This unique relationship allows investors in Mojo Capitals to gain exclusive financial benefits through the fund’s structure and its ties to the broader House of Mojo network. The synergy between the two entities enables investors to tap into a wealth of opportunities and expertise, further enhancing the potential for financial success.

Investment Eligibility:

Mojo Capitals welcomes both private and professional investors who are interested in engaging in new development projects and property investments on the Costa del Sol. By collaborating with a local partner who oversees the entire investment process, Mojo Capitals offers investors the chance to achieve a high ROI through property renovation and resale. With an inclusive investment approach, investors can witness the journey of each project, starting from the moment the first wall is knocked down to the final sale.

Foundation and Structure:

Mojo Capitals was founded by Per Mønsted, Jacob Johansen, Henrik Vestergaard Kastbjerg, Mette Nør Mønsted, and CEO Joachim Voola Schiødtz. The company maintains offices in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Mijas, Southern Spain. As the first of its kind on the Costa del Sol, Mojo Capitals is closely affiliated with The House of Mojo, a comprehensive real estate organisation established in 2017 by Per Mønsted and Jacob Johansen. This affiliation allows Mojo Capitals to benefit from the extensive resources and expertise of The House of Mojo.

Funds and Progress:

Mojo Capitals I A/S successfully raised an impressive €2.5 million in financing from 25 exclusive investors in 2022. The fund has made strategic investments in a resale property in Miraflores, Mijas, as well as in two ongoing development projects: Royal Palms in La Cala de Mijas and Las Lomas del Higuerón en Fuengirola. These projects exemplify Mojo Capitals’ commitment to diverse real estate projects and optimising investment potential.

To expand their portfolio, Mojo Capitals recently acquired a townhouse in the charming Andalusian village of Mijas Pueblo and a unique flat in the historic centre of Málaga. They are also continuing their investment activities with a recent offer for another villa in Mijas Pueblo. These new additions demonstrate Mojo Capitals’ commitment to expanding their real estate holdings and providing exceptional investment opportunities.

Investing in Mojo Capitals II A/S:

Mojo Capitals II A/S is targeting a maximum of 25 exclusive investors. Each investor can contribute 100,000 – 500,000 euros in this fund which will mainly focus on investing in villas. To obtain detailed information about the fund and its investment opportunities, interested parties are encouraged to visit the Mojo Capitals website and request the current prospectus.


Mojo Capitals offers a unique investment concept centred around real estate ventures on the Costa del Sol. With a focus on property renovation and resale, the company aims to deliver a minimum ROI of 10% after Spanish taxes within a maximum period of six years. Investors have the opportunity to actively engage in the entire investment process, benefiting from Mojo Capitals’ transparent and socially driven approach. The affiliation with The House of Mojo ensures access to extensive resources and expertise, further enhancing the investment potential. In addition to the captivating investment opportunities available, it’s worth noting the annual networking events held by House of Mojo on Costa del Sol. These gatherings serve as a platform for existing investors and potential new investors to connect and gain insights into ongoing investments. If you’re eager to explore further, we invite you to visit the Mojo Capitals website and request the current prospectus. Uncover the thrilling investment prospects that await you.

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