Miguel Robles’ fashion design and tattoo art on Imjennius clothing line

Spanish inventive artist Miguel Robles was once again struck by a muse that inspired him to put together the art of tattooing and fashion design.He branded the result of this artistic creation into a clothing line as Imjennius and explains that this product of his fascinating new work  “focuses on creating a balance between tattoo art and fashion design.”Miguel says that “Inspired by history, tattoo art, wildlife, nature, cultures and places around the world as well as important people in history, these designs are one of a kind and printed on the best fabric.”


The artist emphasises his line has been “designed as pieces of art, not just clothing.”

Imjennius’ objective, he adds, is to give people the possibility to take and share art everywhere they go, giving them the freedom to express themselves each design has a story to its form and a very important hidden meaning.”

He pauses for a second to modestly sum up his artwork: “It is simply, wearable art.”
On his website, Miguel Robles takes to the origins of the new fascinating line of clothing.

“Imjennius started from an idea of creating art as something everyone can enjoy, trying to find a concept which relates to every individual.”

Ant the result of his creation is that “it became clear that fashion clothing is something everyone can appreciate, so why not mix the two.”

This is how Imjennius was born, although he comments that just like art every item of clothing has it’s own origin and story., the artist

In his case, his line of clothing was created inside his artistic mind that made it clear to him that every individual must find their own story to each of their T-shirts and what they mean to each of them.

He makes the analogy: “Just like the interpretation of any art piece.”

Miguel Robles‘ T-shirts are made to personal perfection using a technique called sublimation on very good quality. t-shirt giving you not only something inventive but also extremely form fitting and very comfortable to wear

Imjennius T-shirts provide you not only with something inventive but also extremely form fitting and very comfortable to wear every day.”

Elite Fashion Showcasing

Miguel’s amazing line of T-shirts made their way to the cream of fashion shows as Francisco Montesinos Gil included them in an exclusive event late last year.

Francisco Montesinos is one of Spains most renowned fashion designers. He was born in Valencia 12 December 1950 and 19 years later his illustrious career in the world of fashion began.

By the 1980s Montesinos was at the top of Spain’s fashion industry and began exporting his art around the world.





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