Medcare – The importance of having your Flu Vaccination

Winter is looming and flu season will be upon us before we know it. This year it has never been more vital to make sure you get your flu vaccination, especially with Covid-19 still very present in our lives. An outbreak of flu could easily overwhelm our hospitals and health centres who are already dealing with Covid patients and even stricter measures for patient safety than normal. This combined with the issue of the flu inhibiting your immune system, could cause a second wave of Covid and the two combined would be devastating. The team at Medcare are providing this service so don’t hesitate to get in touch with them if you’re in the Alicante region of Spain.

Flu Season


Flu season starts in October and can carry on until May of the following year. You should get your annual flu vaccination as early as possible, even as early as September, to make sure you’re covered. This year, thanks to Covid-19, hundreds of thousands of people have avoided medical facilities in fear of contracting the virus. This is a very real concern for the Medcare team as people could avoid having their flu vaccination for the same reasons. Don’t take the risk with your health, the flu jab can take up to two weeks to take effect so make sure you get it nice and early.

Flu vaccination

What could happen when you get flu and Covid-19 together?


Nobody knows what will happen if you contract seasonal flu and Covid-19 at the same time yet, but there will be cases of that happening for certain. Flu alone is a devastating disease to those with pre-existing medical conditions. Even for a normally healthy person to contract flu it could be extremely dangerous as it lowers the immune system. This means that even if you’re not in any at-risk groups, you could be more susceptible to Covid-19 if you catch the flu, putting you in an extremely vulnerable position yourself.

Flu vaccination

Make sure you get your flu vaccination soon


It’s more important than ever to protect ourselves this winter. Check with your GP to find out if you’re entitled to a free flu vaccination this year. So many people are entitled but don’t actually have the jab, for whatever reason. If we’re going to beat Covid-19 and get on top of it, we need to ensure we’re taking every possible measure to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Flu and Covid-19 are both respiratory illnesses, they have a massive impact on anyone with heart or breathing problems, old or young. If we want to keep our society and economy functioning properly, and stop our health services becoming overwhelmed, and of course we do, then we need to take this simple, effective measure to defend ourselves.

Flu vaccination

We need to protect our elderly and vulnerable, it’s even more crucial this year to make sure, if you’re in an at-risk category, that you get your free flu vaccination and make sure that any at-risk people around you get theirs too. Vaccines are becoming available now, please make your appointment today and encourage your friends and family to do the same, it could save lives.</


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